ZSU zupiny attacked straight ahead near the outskirts of Lysychansk: the occupiers stepped out of the gates

We were told about it at the General Staff of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Russian occupiers appointed chimalih vtrat pіd hour try to come.

important Tsim shkodyat ZSU, – The painter reacted to the information about the occupation of the streets near Kherson

Successes of the ZSU on the Skhodі

At the General Staff it was appointed that the Russian occupiers hang their reserves in order to renew the offensive, the shards after the attack of the stench recognized serious losses.

In addition, our warriors also successfully sounded the offensive of the invaders near Borovskoye.

At the Gathering of Ukraine, there are baked battles. Occupiers fire on the positions of our defenders and defenders from tanks and artillery. Zokrema near Pavlivka, Vugledar and Prechistivka on Novopavlivskomu straight. In addition, in the area of ​​the villages of Pavlivka, Vuhledar and Shevchenko, the occupiers were in charge of air strikes.

Crimean attacks from repeated, Russian invaders tried to launch an offensive in the area of ​​​​the settlement of the city of the Shevchenko type. However, our warriors gave an effort to the guards, through which you entered.

Spend the occupiers for the whole hour of a full-scale war

For 120 days of large-scale invasion, the Russian occupiers spent close to 34,430 osib. At the General Staff, the numbers are approximate, the shards of pidrakunok are aggravated by active combat actions.

The money was spent in a special warehouse, the Russian occupiers knew more about the money spent on the middle of technology. Zokrema:

  • tanks – 1,504 units,
  • combat armored vehicles – 3,632 units,
  • artillery systems – 756 units,
  • multiple launch rocket systems – 240 units,
  • sob_v PPO – 99 units,
  • litakiv – 216 singles,
  • helicopters – 183 units,
  • operational-tactical drones – 620 units,
  • cruise missiles – 137 units,
  • ships and boats – 14 units,
  • automotive equipment and tank trucks – 2,548 units,
  • special equipment – 60 units.
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