ZSU showed the difference between HIMARS and “Gradom”: video promoter

A short video was played at the border of the Land Army ZSU. On a new one, you can work, as a skincare for these installations.

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Let’s think about it, it’s miraculously reasonable, on the scales of a different type of design. The essence of this video is to show that our ZSU is aimed at undermining the enemy, as well as his equipment.

“Gradi” b’yut practically navmannya

Slid to understand that like “Gradi”, so “Hurricane” can be deshcho іnshe zastosuvannya. They put them in front of you, to “clear” the territory for pushing the troops. Natomist in front of HIMARS is another task. Їх vikoristovuyut, shob as accurately as possible zneshkodzhuvati voroga, and not everything, scho navkolo.

The multiple launch rocket systems of the “Grad” type or the “Hurricane” type have non-kerosene rockets. In addition, the stinks cannot be exact if they are talking about the induction. For that very reason, a dozen shells are fired in order to cover the maximum area. І, perhaps, include in the planning of the object.

Vіyskovі povnyali “Gradi” and HIMARS at the robotі: marvel at the video

With HIMARS, the situation is significantly different. At tsimu vipadku to move about equipped with high-precision taker missiles. Aim at the target of the stink with the help of GPS.

For video support, materials were taken from the work of HIMARS in Afghanistan. You can tell, with some accuracy, shells hit the target that seems to be overflowing.

Reznikov told the occupiers that he would be speculative

About those that HIMARS are already on the balance sheet of the Ukrainian military branch of Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov. Respectfully, what is the most far-reaching enemy, which is the security of our troops.

So now, without waiting sumnіvіv, the minister has respected that whole for Russian zagarbniks in the future. More, for some of them, we will become the rest of life.

For the rest, then Reznikov didn’t even knock over. International partners continue to send us an important message and such a necessary escalation, but it means that the enemy will not be more profitable.

Soon lave “two hundred” to replenish 35 thousand occupants

On the cob of a large-scale invasion of our military 34,530 Russian soldiers went far away. Less than 100 enemies have been updated for the past few years. Let’s guess that the numbers are approximate, even in the areas of active combat operations, it is necessary to spend it superbly smoothly.

It’s not less than the garbniks themselves, but also their cars. They’ve already changed to the bruht 1507 Russian tanks, 3637 armored combat vehicles, 753 artillery systems, 241 multiple rocket launchers, as well as 99 single anti-aircraft guns.

In addition, there are 216 aircrafts, 183 helicopters, 622 operational-tactical UAVs, 137 cruise missiles, 14 ships, 2553 motor vehicles and tank trucks and 60 less special equipment on the balance of the enemy army.

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