ZSU only in Noviy Kakhovtsi troshed occupiers for 3 days after sleep, – Shlan about the situation in the Kherson region

About tse 24 channel rozpoviv radnik of the head of the Kherson regional military administration and the fighter for the defense of Sergiy Khlan. The militia partisans constantly give tribute to the artillery units of the ZSU, like to clear out the warehouses of ammunition, the supply of equipment, and other supplies of strength.

Up to those The occupiers, threatening with machine guns, stole lists of candidates from Kherson

Literally, not long ago, there was only a warehouse of ammunition in the Russian garbniks just in Timchas’s occupation of New Kakhovtsi mountains. This situation is not alone – Viysk objects of garbniks often burn in the Kherson region.

3 days we slept, like our ZSU, in coordination with the partisans, weeded in Novy Kakhovtsi the equipment and ammunition of the occupiers, detonated there … why should we please our native land, – Sergiy Khlan uttered.

Residents of Novaya Kakhovka were not amused by such “fireworks”. Yak goloshuє pan Hlan, deyakі mіstsevi ruled themselves a little sacredly for the honor of vibukhiv and pіdіymali kelikhs for vygnannya occupants.

Partisans actively “fly” for collaborators and occupiers

Ukrainian partisans do not let the Russian invaders and collaborators in the Kherson region relax. Fuck guessing about recent vibe near the car near Kherson. Todі in the liquorary after eating the head of the penitentiary colony No. 90 Yevgen Sobolev, a kind of supporter of the Russians.

Another cіkavіsha situation has become in one of the city’s cafes on the embankment. Following the words of Sergiy Khlan, three Russian occupiers closed their shashlichki. The guerrillas gave them an official service – the deputy of the stench took away the machine-gun. Two Russians far awayone more – injuries.

Through such a situation, the occupiers and collaborators are no longer impressed at their camp. Bagato are less likely to change in armored cars, and the “neavishchi” posіpaki – at once with a funeral. Must understand what can just go straight to hell together with skewers.

Let’s guess, the Zbroyn Forces of Ukraine are pushing forward on the singing plots to the front in the Kherson region. Fuck off, scho pіdrozdіlam ZSU far away vygnati zagarbnikov from the first line of defense near the Kherson region. However, the General Staff has not yet released such information.

The successes of the ZSU on the front to outgrow the counteroffensive, – Shlan about the Kherson region: marvel at the video

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