ZSU does not turn off, if you happen to get rid of Sєvєrodonetsk and move to a fortified position

The enemy is trying to invade the Luhansk region

Sergiy Gaidai, an honorary student of the Luhansk region, spoke about this. Vіn having respected that the enemy of the usima is trying to pay off the Luhansk region.

Uvaga Russians to throw over the trains and advance on the Skhodі: a map of combat actions for 23 worms

The Russians threw all their reserves in order to pay off the entire Lugansk region in the next hour. The fights are going on in a straight line. The Severodonetsk industrial zone already has a lot of cold spores, not including the possibility of entering the new stronger positions,
– appointing Gaidai.

Vodnochas ochіlnik OVA vvazhaє, scho razі okupatsії Sєverodonetsk people, scho rehabilitate in ukritty “Azot”, become Russians’ guarantors. The weekend will be only for the paid off part of the Lugansk region.

It is respectful that people are left in the shelters of “Azot” behind the upper towers and evacuated in numbers, the stench was like the weather.

Russians shell Lysychansk

For an hour Lisichansk is interrupted by heavy shelling.

We continue to improve the vitality of the place, the gumvantages are delivered regularly, the “quiet” evacuation is three – about 40 people were driven around this year,
– designating the head of the OVA.

Before the word, earlier Gaidai rose on channel 24, that in Russian zagarbniks there is a significant advantage in artillery, important technology and a special warehouse. To the very same, as if voicing the wine, the tactics, like the Ukrainian military curry, were correct.

The situation in the Luhansk region: briefly about the smut

Uvaga– Gaidai, having declared that the defense of Lysychansk is hard: marvel at the video

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