Zelensky ridiculed Russian maritime doctrine on dominance in the oceans – UNIAN

Mikhail Podolyak suggested that the Kremlin immediately take a course towards the “liberation of Atlantis.”

Russia has announced a course for dominance in the oceans / photo from UNIAN, Aleksey Suvirov

Bankovaya ridiculed Russia’s declared course for dominance in the oceans against the backdrop of the failures of its fleet in Black Sea.

About it declared adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak.

“A country that is afraid to hold a parade in the Black Sea announces a course for dominance in the oceans? Since February 24, Russia has lost 15 ships in Ukraine, including the monstrous cruiser Moskva. Despite the fact that Ukraine actually does not have a fleet. Maybe it’s better right away heading for the “liberation of Atlantis”?” Podolyak wrote.

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As UNIAN reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the new maritime doctrine of the Russian Federation. It indicates threats to the state and important regions that affect the development of the country.

One of the main threats in the document is “US global influence” and “dominance in the oceans.” Mention is also made of “the desire of the United States and its allies to limit the access of the Russian Federation to the resources of the World Ocean and vital maritime transport communications.”

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