Zelensky allowed that the war could end in the next hour

In Russia, irreversible processes may open up, – Podolyak

Such a thought was expressed by the head of the Office of the President Mykhailo Podolyak. Behind yoga words, tse war on vysnazhennya, in such a bulk of Russia, be ready to endure be-scho.

Up to those How dear Ukraine is ready to pay, – Stoltenberg talking about the price of peace with Russia

Looking back at the number of defenses in Russia, one can say that war can turn into a protracted conflict. Dovgiy – for the use of resources in these countries. Russia has a huge amount of resources. For її populace is not an important life, the stench can linger for a long time, let’s say, on the afternoon feed. For us, it’s unacceptable
– said Podolyak.

At one time Andriy Yermak’s guardian admits that irrevocable processes may break out in Russia. The stench itself will tell, like Podolyak, what internal development in Russia, what the end of the war in Ukraine will be like.

“Um, to be a trash in the concentration of resources, to be able to come to psychologically non -binding process. internal development in the Russian Federation itself. From and everything”, – summarizing wine.

When the war ends in Ukraine: what do politicians say

  • The plan of the Russian military-political kerіvnitstv of Russia included the slaughter of Ukraine for a decade of days. Otrimavshi vіdsіch on Pіvnochі, the enemy saw the forces in the middle of the Skhodі and Pіvdnі of our country.
  • On the cob of grass, the head of the RNBO, Oleksiy Danilov, hung up the war with Russia will be trival. Vіn pіdkresliv, scho overbіg vіyny fallow in vіd our defenders and international partners, like to give help to Ukraine.
  • At the same time, a senior officer of the Head Directorate of Exploration of the Ministry of Defense Kirilo Budanov, saying that until the end, the number of outbreaks in Ukraine will be significant. Zahidna zbroya already helped to stabilize the situation in Zaporozhye.
  • Kirilo Budanov stating that a fracture in the vine will be in the other half of the sickleand before the end of 2022, a large part of the active combat actions will end.
  • Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov, saying that it is impossible to speak out if the war ends. Vodnocha vі vvazhaє, scho tse really zrobiti shchego rock.
  • The intercessor of the Minister of Defense, Hanna Malyar tezh, said that it would not be seen if there was peace. The one behind її words, in Ukrainians The year has come once and for all to overcome Russia.
  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg perekonanythat the war in Ukraine will end at the negotiating table, but Russia will know more expenses. However, on the other hand, varto get ready for the trivalo “war on exile”.
  • So Stoltenberg calls out to get ready before war in Ukraine trivatime rocky. Through this, the NATO Secretary General, having called out at a distance, slam to help Ukraine.
  • I will cynically declare that the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Viktor Orban, has killed the war. Head of the Ugor region you know that Ukraine has the right to harass in Russia, ale їy not give great chances to win.

You can be applauded – the thought of Ukrainians about those, how old are the wars: marvel at the video

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