Yak in Israel: Zelensky rozpov about prizes in Ukraine after the war and what checks for students

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said about this for an hour to speak to students and contributors to Israel, alerting the 24th channel.

Up to those The Ministry of Defense vіdpovіli, skolki trivatime mobilization in Ukraine

Zelensky about possible student prizes

On the foundations of the Defense Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ukraine is ready for a security-free reform. One of the models, which is considered at once as a basis, is the education of students who practice in Israel.

Vіn vociferous, scho is not the final solution, but only one of the options for the development of the future. Zagalom, behind yoga words, the whole croc is used after the discussion.

We will look at, discuss with suspense, with the bulk,
– appointing the president.

Vіn voicing, now more Ukrainians know how to behave with zі zbroєyu in their hands. Hundreds of thousands of troops entered the territorial defense. A lot of them robbed our land of goliruch, and then we’ll take it in our hands. Everything is in line with the upcoming training of Ukrainian military servicemen.

As before, from the point of view of the defense of our state army, as well as the number of military ones, so there will be no changes for students,
Zelensky said.

Why did the Zelensky pid hour speak out

Zelensky, after calling out to the people of Israel, called on the authorities of the country to respond to the aggression of Russia and give us help.

“I am a tribute to the people of Israel, I am a tribute to you for the support of that emotional support of Ukrainians. A tribute to all Ukrainian ensigns that appeared on your streets … For all the words that sounded to our support at your great support. I am a national to your great people And we would like to support you in your power.

We are grateful that Luxembourg gave us a defense support in the amount of 15% of its defense budget. The Baltic lands provided us with the necessary relief. Navitia Ireland, with which Ukraine does not have such deep connections, as with Israel, spoke about the visa regime for Ukrainians.

So Zelensky guessed that the government imposed a visa-free regime on Israel and did not impose sanctions against Russia. Vіn having indicated that you cannot judge the decision, but calling the students to think about the number of speech.

More details – Zelensky sent students and professors to Israel: marvel at the video

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