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Brazilian soccer player Renan Victor da Silva could be sent to jail.

Renan Victor da Silva / photo

Centre-back”PalmeirasRenan Victor da Silva, at the age of 20, actually put an end to his football career.

A talented football player got behind the wheel while intoxicated and provoked a fatal car accident. The incident took place in Bragan├ža Paulista, Sao Paulo. Renan drove into the oncoming lane and rammed a 38-year-old motorcyclist who died on the spot from his injuries. It is noted that the drunk player did not have a driver’s license with him.

According to MarcaPalmeiras, who are the current winners of the Copa Libertadores, terminated Renan’s contract after this incident.

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Renan Victor da Silva was one of Palmeiras’ main talents. He won the U-17 World Championship in 2019. Now the footballer faces a serious punishment – up to 10 years behind bars. The young football player is awaiting trial at large, having paid the victim’s widow $46,000.

It is worth noting that last year Dynamo Kyiv showed interest in the young player of Palmeiras. The management of the Brazilian club then estimated Renan at 8-10 million euros.

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