Women in the lavas of the UPA

The fate of women in the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army has become a phenomenon of Ukrainian national-volitional turmoil.

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This topic was first revealed to the film “Alive” filmed on real subtitles, in which the history of the UPA and OUN participant Anni Popovich is revealed.

The women in the lava of the insurgent army beat various goiters, and they reconciled on their own few professions. The stinks were doctors, nurses, drukars, propagandists, vyazkovym, rozvіdnitsy, participants in various UPA divisions, and inkoli – commanders of swarms, maybe a hundred.

Ukrainian women fought in the lavas of the UPA / Photo from instagram UKRAINIAN GARMENT

The girls from the 8th century helped to spread the nationalistic literature, as couriers, they won the vouchers for the hromada robot.

Women demanded the most from the medical service of the UPA: the stench rejoiced at the wounded, took care of them, knew the medicines and helped the motherlands of the dead. Weddels often raided, as well as pilgrimage hospitals, they found in the minds of missing medicines, clean clothes, and even that water. Doctors and nurses often had to take up arms and stand before the battle.

Ukrainian women fought in the lavas of the UPA / Photo from instagram UKRAINIAN GARMENT

Folding that unsafe bula of a robot of propagandists. They wrote, edited, saw, and spread propaganda leaflets, published press and literature. Quite often the monks had a chance to practice in the underground drukarny, debounced the light and the wind, which caused the postiyne vіchutya vtomi, zamorochennya, bіl in the eyes of that head bіl.

The Zv’yazkovi ensured the expansion of secret information. The stench looked like a majestic pishka, they endured different leaves, order, and also an appointment.

Ukrainian women fought in the lavas of the UPA / Photo from instagram UKRAINIAN GARMENT

A group of women-stars of the bula was organized under the head commander of the UPA Roman Shukhevych. The stench made the speeches necessary for the pilgrimage, strove for the vicons, controlled the expansion of the taemnoї іnformatsiї and ensured the communication between the middles of the ruhu.

An important role was also played by the caretakers of the willful struggle. This was the name of the woman, as they supplied the rebels with foodstuffs, assisted in household chores and provided them with the necessary clothing.

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