Without Russia and Belarus, Ukrainian tennis players recognized the first supergirls at Wimbledon

The first exams for Ukrainians on the British court

Some tennis players will represent Ukraine at the oldest tennis tournament. Angelina Kalinina will be the only among the Ukrainians shining. Already at the starting point, the first racket of Ukraine will strike with the Ugrian supergirl Anna Bondar, write Channel 24.

Tsikavo read I give at least 10 hundred rubles per salary for a favorable cause, – tennis player Tsurenko

Recently, Kalinina went to the quarterfinal of the WTA tournament at the British Eastbourne. In the 1/4 finals, the newly minted first racket of the country went to the Latvian Elena Ostapenko.

At this stage, Lesya Tsurenko pinned her fate. Tennis player was confirmed to open her way in the basis of Wimbledon against Briton Jodi Annie Barrege (WTA No. 169).

Tsurenko and Kalinina are already being called by their opponents on the court.

Perevaga Dayani and debut recording for Kostyuk

Two other Ukrainians Dayana Yastremska and Marta Kostyuk will play the first time against Annie Bohdan and the British Keti Swan.

Yastremska was already two girls from Bogdan. Rakhunok zustrіchey to the fury of the Ukrainian tennis player – 2:0. Shchodo Kostyuk, then she will play with her supergirl.

Guess what through vaginess misses the season too much first racket of Ukraine Elina Svіtolina. In 2022, the tennis player will have a girl.

Chinna champion of Wimbledon Eshli Barty did not enter the British court. For example birch australian tennis player unsupported voted about the end of the career. Therefore, the oldest tournament will definitely have a new champion.

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