Will be the subject of discussion, – Kovalevsky having admitted, what will Belarus use to bring the technology of Russia

About tse 24 channel, the head of the cabinet of representatives of Svitlana Tikhanovskaya, Valery Kovalevsky, was named. Vіn vvazhaє, scho Belarusian ozbroєnnya significantly acts on the potential of the russian and ukrainian army.

Up to those Lukashenka went to Putin for a kilkadenna “working zustrich”

Behind these words, only a few confirm the admission that Russia has spent a lot of technology in the war against Ukraine.

And in order to collapse far away, additional help is needed. I will not cheer, as if Putin put such a smart Lukashenka,
– said Kovalevsky.

Ale, as you know your wines, Lukashenka is a remembrancer, who knows how to remake and “vibrate” his own speeches. “That’s why it will be a subject for discussion,” – naming Kovalevsky.

How can Lukashenka strengthen his army with the help of the defense system? On yoga thought, it’s impossible to bring it to light.

“Especially behind the butt of Ukraine, because in it there are those that are not in Belarus – if the state and the people understand one thing, they create one goal. And in Belarus the state is on its own, people are on their own” “- even wine.

Kovalevsky does not know who today in the defense of Belarus will defend Lukashenka.

And against whom will the defense defense be practiced? Against Ukrainians? But Belarusians will not threaten Ukrainians. Less good for Russia, but it’s too strong for Belarus,
– adding VIN.

Before the word, at the General Staff of the ZSU they vvazhayut that through great spending at the technical of the Russians, ozbroєnnya їm can give Belarus. It is also not included that the territory of Belarus was beaten by the Ukrainian cordon by the aggressor power for its military base.

Vodnochas clerk of the Head Department of Exploration of the Ministry of Defense Kirilo Budanov singing, what about the scale of the invasion from the side of Belarus is not moving. And if the Belarusian command received an order to attack Ukraine, then, after reconsidering the head of the GUR, the investigation about it was determined obov’yazkovo.

Video up to those – Belarus installed fake tanks on the cordon

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