Why Russia is fighting war against Ukraine pilots-Wagnerivtsiv

Such a thought was voiced by the rise of Great Britain. They added that the pilot knew that he was a great major of the Air Force of Russia, that he had power over the work as a military contractor of the Wagner Air Force.

important Polling for less than 3 days and following up with the Ukrainian “Igloa”: the SBU will replenish the war, who fought for Russia

Vіn vykonuvav dekіlka zavdan pіd hour of the conflict. The rozvіdniki let it go, that the recruitment of the representative personnel for the vikonanny missions in Ukraine indicates to those who the Russian UPU, ymovіrno, are trying to support the intrusion of a sufficient number of crew.

Imovirno, tse pov’yazano z podnannym insufficient number of proper rank prepared for the personnel of Russia and її combat expenses,
– they added at the rose.

It should be remembered that the hour of victory for his miserable Russian pilot was victorious in the commercial GPS-attachment, and not in the Russian military navigational possession.

“Here, apparently, I point out to those that Wagner’s aircraft are the older models of the Su-25 and that the Russian Air Forces do not give Wagner a current license for avionics,” the researchers admitted.

De contagiously vagnerivets, who fought against Ukraine

For the tribute of spіvrobіtnikіv Security Service of Ukraine, the first combat force occupant zdіysniv zdіysniv 14 chervnya, and even 17th stooped in full. This was shot down by Ukrainian defenders from the Igla MANPADS.

After having consumed a lot of ZSU. Now the SBU is reporting about those who dropped bombs on Ukraine. The occupier tries to be true and it seems that it was less about the task of hitting “on the strongholds, the accumulation of forces and manpower of the enemy.”

Hiring in Ukraine

In the Crimea, on Russian wineries, over 10 million dollars are also being used by other recruits, and not by personnel officers of the armed forces of the krai-aggressor. Hiremen charge a rate of 200,000 rubles per month and additional bonuses for a job.

The main method of his stay in Ukraine is that the pilot took into account “the task of nadannya to help the quasi-republics of Donbass”, and the combat viloti – “private tasks”.

Respectfully, at Melitopol, which was paid off by the forces of the enemy, commemorated the Syrian Naimants. The stench is on the territory of the Viysk airfield. The Syrians are dressed in the form of the Russian army.

Replenishment of the pilot-hirer from the “Wagner” anti-aircraft defense complex, which ZSU was hard hit by the “Igla” MANPADS: marvel at the video

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