Who outdoes Skrypnyk Zorya snarled at three candidates for the appointment of a coach

Three options for Zora

According to the information of the journalist Mykhailo Spivakovsky, Zorya was named one of the three candidates for the tenure, among them was the foreign specialist Patrick van Leeuwen, who already knows well from Ukraine.

Warto recognize Domovlenosti zirvali: Markevych instantly ocholiti zbirna Ukraine after Shevchenko

Previously, the 52-year-old Dutch specialist became a miner’s academy.

Also, among the contenders for the position of the head coach, there are many mentors from Mariupol and Dynamo – Oleksandr Babich and Oleksandr Khatskevich.

The request for the rest is to allow the team to use the graves of Dynamo, with the well-known Belarusian fahivets.

Let’s guess, Zorya was left on the cob without a head coach. Viktor Skrypnyk moved to the competitor of the Luhansk club – from Poltava Vorskla. Having offended the clubs in the new season, they will win in European competitions.

What do you know about Babich and Khatskevich

  • Khatskevich from March 2021 is going to rock without a club job. The remaining club of Belarusians buv Russian Rotor Volgograd. In 2010 – 2011, I was an assistant coach in the selected Ukraine. So popratsyuvav with the head team of Belarus.
  • Babich on the 6th day of 2022 won Kryvbas, who has been playing in the Premier League since the upcoming season. In the case of the Krivorizkoy team, they played less than 9 matches, in which the club did not know the defeat of their own – 6 wins and 3 world matches. Before that, the 43-year coach popratsyuvav in Odessa ChornomortsŃ– and Mariupol.

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