Who in Ukraine should close their mouths and panic in Belarus exclusive stream of Gavrishchak and Makaruk

Also, in the meantime, I’m streaming with Mikhail Makaruk – who in Ukraine is warned to stop spreading information about ZSU. The stream will be about 18:30.

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Main topics for discussion

  • new moods of Belarusians;
  • additional devices to improve the effectiveness of the Ukrainian fight;
  • to whom varto close your mouth in Ukraine.

Stream of Igor Gavrishchak from Mikhail Makaruk on YouTube channel 24 will be announced at 18:30. You can reach the broadcast for help.

Stream of Igor Gavrishchak and Informnapalm riverman Mikhail Makaruk: marvel at the video

The threat will come from Belarus – what do you see

Earlier at the General Staff they toldthat Belarusian military officers are trained by Russian officers. The main directives are the investigation and the introduction of sabotage.

For the information of ZMI, the Belarusian military actively build trenches no less than a cordon with Ukraine, and bіlya between Poland and Lithuania.

Also, the Ministry of Defense has revealed a fact about it: to cope with the damage to the ZSU, Belarusians put tanks in the Ukrainian cordon – it’s true, only dummies from a tree.

Investigation InformNapalm

  • Recently active identified “Marauder with Polaroid”, which repaired evil in Irpen. Vin took a picture with a camera with the function of a mitt, but did not know what kind of budding was needed for the development of the image. So, having uploaded his photo “for a riddle” to the owners of the apartment, having robbed it.
  • With the help of investigations from OSINT reports, InformNapalm declared that Pavlo Pilantov was a marauder born in 1996. Vіn slouch near Pskov to serve with the 104th Guards Air Assault Regiment.
  • Also, InformNapalm explained, why Putin made Ramzan Kadirov one of the main media characters of the war in Ukraine or their own “special operations”. Vіn chi is not the loudest shouting about “the capture of Kiev in 3 days” and dozens of times “much of the mourning of Mariupol”.
  • Previously InformNapalm volunteers knew the data of the commander of the 64th motorized rifle brigade, yak committed atrocities in Buchi at the hour of the occupation of the Kiev region. The wickedness of the Russian Viysks sighed all the light, so it was important to identify the skin wine. Lieutenant Colonel Omurekov Azatbek Asanbekovich from the village of Knyaz-Volkonske, Khabarovsky District, appeared as the commander of the brigade of non-humans.

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