Who has the role of a leader, – the political scientist explained why Ukraine can help Moldova and Georgia

Ukrainian political scientist Mykola Davidyuk spoke about channel 24. Vin positively accepts that Moldova and Georgia have come to the Ramstein format, and also once applied after Ukraine for such titles to join the European Union.

important Neither France, nor Germany do not detract from Ukraine’s actions of Russia every day, – Macron

It is possible to bury, especially through the ambiguous reactions of the ordering of both powers, any sanctions against Russia. However, Mykola Davidiuk is aware that and Moldova, and Georgia, at the same time, it is necessary to support them in their exercises.

Unified – we admit the possibility that a representative of Georgia could be sent to “Ramstein” to see the information for the occupiers. Adzhe order there is clearly pro-Russian.

We are all in one

As a matter of sentiment, Ukraine can respond positively to the arrival of both powers to Ramstein and to the EU. Aje strategically, we have long been following the sleeping vector. So, at the same time, Ukraine broke three points. As a whole, it is normal to show leadership and help both partners move forward at once.

Before the governments and Georgia, and Moldova, you can have rich food. Ale to the peoples – none. I Georgians, and Moldavians supported Ukraine in the її fight against Russian zagarbniks.

“Ukraine needs to be properly placed up to that point, let’s just say that they are not ideal. Let’s be honest, is our Cabinet of Ministers ideal? Mitodi are also similar to the rolling guide in the eyes of the quiet countries, they went to Europe, but they quarreled with us,” said Mykola Davidyuk.

“Ramstein” can tear Russia apart

The political scientist is satisfied with the new format of “Rammstein”, which is quick, efficient and tight. According to yoga words, 40 ministries of defense from different lands are truly a superpower. In which you can inspire and try to find a new architecture for the safety of the world.

It is important that this format is correct. Varto okremo podyakuvat USA and Great Britain, yakі took on different organizational functions of the union and finance. Europe was engaged in yakbi sim, then it could be done in a different way.

Get to know and talk in Europe to love. And the axis got here – and they saw the cache. And we got more pennies in the future, and razvіddanі, і zbroya, і analytical data, іnіt hacker attacks, іkі for zbіgo zvіdki z’yavlyalis і ruynuvali rosіyskaya arkhіtektura їkhnоyu power, – the political scientist said.

Davidyuk said that “Rammstein” is a situational union, which in the future could grow into a much larger one. Ale narazі vin nіyak can’t replace NATO. Although there may be a lot of progress, among them there is a high mobility.

You can be applauded – political scientist zhorstko vіdpovіv premier of Georgia about the rank of membership in the EU: marvel at the video

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