Who claimed Ukraine the most pennies: light rating

The five countries, which were told to give the most help, left the USA, Great Britain, Nіmechchina, Poland and Canada. About this data Kiel Institute for the period from 24 fierce to 7 worms.

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Who liked the most

  • USA 42.67 billion euros were paid to Ukraine. More lower half of the amount of money for the military assistance (mayzhe 24 billion euros), reshta split between financial and humanitarian assistance: 9.9 billion and 8.8 billion euros. Zagalom tse 0.21% of the GDP of the most advanced economy in the world.
  • Great Britain proved to be a great friend of Ukraine, claiming 4.84 billion euros. Half of the sumi pide chi already went to the help of Viysk.
  • I sent the third month for a sum Nіmechchina – 3.29 billion euros. And then it follows that Nimechchyna did not beat a lot of its own money, taking in the period up to 7 chervnya won, it put only a third of the common equipment.
  • Poland, as the European exercise of Ukraine has always protected, did not lead. Susidnya kraina poobitsya saw 2.75 billion euros: maybe two thirds of the city can help me on the same way.
  • Didn’t see much help Canada with the great Ukrainian diaspora. The Won contributed 2.19 billion euros to Ukraine, and mainly the cost of financial support for the support of the Ukrainian economy.

France, Japan, Norway, Italy and Sweden have also gone up to ten. See more details on the interactive map. To take detailed information on the skin edge, point or click on the edge.

Reveal the respect that the EU countries do not help as much as other powers, but also as the country-members of the European Union. The European Commission and the European Rada denounced Ukraine EUR 11.53 billion. And this sum includes only financial and humanitarian assistance.

Who sees the most

Let us understand that our international partners should differ in their economic development and the ability of what they can do in Ukraine. And for someone with a sum of 1 billion, it’s not possible to change anything, but for others, the sum is too much, but the stench is ready to help them who they can. Just take a closer look, like a part of its GDP the country sees to help Ukraine.

Behind this ostentatious leader Estonia, I’m ready to see for Ukraine 0.87% of its GDP. Significantly, Latvia also denounced it – 0.73%. Poland is ready to see more of its GDP. Another Baltic country – Lithuania – contributed 0.31% of GDP, and the USA – 0.21%. The Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Norway, Canada and Greece also entered up to a dozen. The least of the European lands of Ukraine support Romania and Slovenia, as they contributed a total of 0.004% of their GDP.

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