When McDonald’s opens in Ukraine – date

The statement was made by Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleb. On the 19th of September, having announced that Ukraine had established a link with the Ukrainian office, and then with the headquarters of McDonald’s in the United States, transmits Channel 24.

Before speech In Russia, the deputy of McDonald’s announced “Vkusno i dotka”: from the menu, tats and forms erased the old symbols

Talk about the renewal of McDonald’s robots

Kuleba, stating that the process of restoring the work of restaurants is already collapsing. The MZS had no doubts that already є all mind for vodkrittya after the trivalo interrupt. Behind the words of the minister, chains of food were destroyed in official contacts with the US government, even McDonald’s, one of the most important American brands.

The official was interested in those who published the photo with the children and the caption – “a safe option, how to make the children happy: request delivery from McDo.”

Earlier in tweeters they wrote that managers would not call the practitioners of mortgages. They fed the stench, ready to go to work with sickle.

When McDonald’s is open

The company announced the immovable dates of the announcement. So, the CEO of the McDonald’s office in Ukraine, Yuliya Badritdinova, said that the company is getting ready to go ahead – updating security protocols.

Zokrema, the company is reconsidering what is near the restaurants of the bombing house. Adzhe, when the hour of resurrection of anxiety is laid, the term may be begun, which is to be completed by an uneasy process, but “the restaurant is a ce min_zavod with folding possessions and a great number of vodvіduvachiv.”

Vodnochas Badritdinova did not give specific dates for the opening. Natom_st ker_vnik of one of the metropolitan restaurants at McDonald’s having shown ZMI, scho nechebto get ready to go to the sickle. Ale tezh voicing the mind, – as if there will be new rules of safety.

Cream of that McDonald’s is already changing its supply chain. Deyakі mіstsevі post-employees do not work through zruynovanuyu war infrastructure, for example, juices, sauces and packaging happen to be bought over the cordon.

Why McDonald’s pinned the robot

  • Let’s guess that the company pinned its work in Ukraine on the back of the invasion of Russia for the safety of the workers. The company has over 110 restaurants in Ukraine.
  • The grassroots at McDonald’s was told to lay a fast food chain do not decide until the war is over.
  • They advised that the company should continue to engage in humanitarian assistance. All products, which were taken from restaurants, were handed over to humanitarian headquarters. In addition, the merezha pays 10,000 hryvnias of salary to their supporters.
  • Representatives of the company stated that they were not opposed to “getting involved”, but through security they could not work. They declared that, in accordance with the rules, they could not practice under the hour of war.

Respectfully, McDonald’s is fresh from the Russian market after the cob of war. However, the aggressor power made its copy. The mortgage was called “Smuchno i speck”. With this menu, it was left like this itself, for the most part they tidied up the prefix “Poppy”.

Surprise more – like in Russia they opened their McDonald’s: video

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