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What is the work of a miner and how to congratulate mine workers on their professional holiday – find out in the UNIAN material.

When is Miner's Day in Ukraine - date and congratulations /

Miner’s Day is a professional holiday for all those who work underground in the mine. In Ukraine, it was established in 1993 to support the initiative of workers in the coal industry. Since then, it has been celebrated annually on the last Sunday of August, in 2022 the holiday falls on August 28.

UNIAN will tell how the Miner’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine and how best to congratulate the mine workers.

What is the work of a miner – features of the profession

Miners all over the world extract coal, nickel, copper-zinc ores, gold, diamonds. Their profession is compared with the military industry – miners are needed only where there are resources necessary for the state that need to be mined. Also, this profession requires remarkable patience, courage and fortitude. Therefore, if a person is not afraid of difficult working conditions and he is ready to face danger every day, working underground, then he can safely choose this profession.

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In its best times, the Ukrainian coal industry produced 218 million tons of “black gold” per year. Now the situation is quite deplorable – many enterprises have gone bankrupt and closed, and the profession is still considered one of the most harmful, dangerous and difficult. In our country, miners are congratulated with certificates of honor, thematic events are organized and warm words of support are spoken.

Congratulations on the holiday in prose, poetry and postcards

Your profession – bow and honor.

Happy holiday, brave, brave miner!

We wish you good luck and true friends,

Merry events and sunny days.

Health, patience – a whole block,

More safety wherever you are.

We wish you love, respect, prosperity

And stormy happiness, so that life is smooth!

Congratulations on Miner's Day /

Happy Miner’s Day! I wish you good health, moral strength, courage of the heart and optimism of the soul. May your mining work be appreciated, may your diligence and perseverance always lead you to success. I wish you prosperous work shifts, good luck in life and happiness in the family!


Happy Miner’s Day!

From the bottom of my heart I wish you

Happiness, peace and prosperity,

So that everything goes smoothly in the family.

To avoid failures

To have enough strength for everything

To demand labor

To be comfortable in the house.

So that you are always lucky in everything,

In spite of all obstacles.

Never be sad

Be happy always!

Miner's Day 2022 - postcards /

I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday, Miner’s Day! With all my heart and soul I wish you health, good luck in all endeavors, happiness in your personal life. May every moment please and inspire, may all loved ones support and help, may success accompany all undertakings.


Happy Miner’s Day

I wish you enthusiasm

Happiness, joy, success,

On this day – more laughter!

Let dreams come true

In the heart – a sea of ​​​​kindness,

Let health not fail

Let luck come to the house!

How to congratulate miner's day /

Happy Miner’s Day. Let your work be valuable throughout the Earth. May God give you patience and good health. May the guardian angel take care of you. May there be happiness, love, respect, luck and prosperity in life.


Let hard work be appreciated

And they will reward according to their merits,

And congratulations on the day of the miner,

Salutes will fly into the sky!

We wish you many happy years

Health and victories in everything,

Friends reliable and truthful,

Do not know ailments, evil and troubles!

Congratulations on your professional holiday /

Congratulations on Miner’s Day. I wish you calm working days, reliable workmates, patience, courage, good health and incredible luck. May the Guardian Angel be near every minute.

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