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In the UNIAN material, you will learn how the relationship between Sultan Suleiman and Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska began, about their difficult life, why the ruler died and who replaced him, and where Meryem Uzerli disappeared.

What you need to know about

“Magnificent Century” is an action-packed historical drama television series written by Meral Okay and Yılmaz Şahin. Its plot is inspired by real events, it tells about the life of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his relationship with the Slavic slave Roksolana.

The series tells about the most notable events of the reign of the Sultan and about his relationship with the concubine of Slavic origin, Alexandra, who converted to Islam and received the name Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska. Alexandra was captured by the Crimean Tatars in her hometown and in 1520 was transferred to Istanbul, where she ended up in the palace of the young Sultan Suleiman. Becoming the favorite concubine, and later the wife of the Sultan, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska neutralizes everyone who can interfere with the realization of her ambitions in the Sultanate.

They say that Suleiman and Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska had an age difference of as much as 8 years, but this did not stop them from building a relationship. He addressed her very reverently, and what letters he wrote.

My dear, lady of my heart and line of poetry, my Istanbul, my Karaman, my Greek land, my Badakhshan, my Kypchag, my Baghdad, my Khorasan...” – Suleiman wrote to his beloved.

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However, it cannot be said that their relationship was truly happy. According to various historians who know firsthand about the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan really loved Hurrem, but she rather used him for selfish purposes. Apparently, the Sultan did not like this attitude of the former concubine, so over time he began to seek solace in other women.

Who did Sultan Suleiman really love?

It turns out that Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska was not the only beloved woman of the Sultan. At a more mature age, she could no longer always come to his chambers, so young concubines periodically entertained him. And when Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska became seriously ill, he turned all his attention to the 16-year-old concubine Merzibe-Khatun. By the way, when the Sultan was to meet with his son, he took with him exactly a young beauty, and not a sick wife.

But two years later, Merzibe-Khatun died. It is possible that it was Hürrem who had a hand in this, since she was very jealous and could not allow another woman to win the heart of her man. And later, Sultan Suleiman himself died.

What did Sultan Suleiman die from?

Even despite the illness of his wife and the death of his mistress, the Sultan continued to conquer territories. His last campaign was in Hungary, but there the forces had already begun to leave him. Lately he has been suffering from terrible pains in his legs. The doctors gave him opium, but even he did not help the ruler. As a result, he gives the order to capture the fortress of Szigetvar before dawn and falls asleep, hearing the voice of his best friend Ibrahim, but does not wake up in the morning.

Who ruled after Sultan Suleiman

Historians say that the eldest son of the Sultan was supposed to take the throne, but fate had other plans for this. After the death of Suleiman during a campaign near the Hungarian Szigetvar in 1566, his son Selim II, the only survivor, ascended the Ottoman throne.

Suleiman also had other children. They say that he was very prolific and during his life gave birth to 11 children – 9 sons and 2 daughters. But in the “Magnificent Century” we can only see six of them. In reality, the fate of all his children was tragic, except for the eldest son, who took the throne.

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Disappearance of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska: where did she disappear to

There is no evidence that Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska disappeared in real life. Therefore, most likely, this is an invention of the scriptwriters of the series “The Magnificent Age”. According to the plot, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska was a victim of deception – the kidnappers lured her out of the capital with the news of Selim’s illness. However, the message was fake, on the way the woman was attacked and kidnapped. Probably, the creators of the series thus decided to replace the actress Meryem Uzerli with another.

Why Meryem Uzerli left the “Magnificent Century”

The actress was silent for a long time about the reasons for such a decision, but later she admitted that she was forced to leave the series due to the intense rhythm of work. She stated that because of the endless filming, she does not feel happy.

Who replaced Meryem Uzerli in the “Magnificent Century”

In 2013, Vahide Gerdyum was invited to star in the series “The Magnificent Century”, where she replaced the leading lady Meryem Uzerli. Fans were perplexed by this decision of the writers, because Gerdyum was much older than Userli, and could not “fit” into the series as much as the previous star.

How was the fate of Meryem Uzerli after leaving the “Magnificent Century”

The actress repeatedly said that she became pregnant during filming. Then her lover, a Turkish businessman, insisted on an abortion. But the girl still decided to break off relations with him and made a choice in favor of the future baby. She said that at that time she even had thoughts of suicide, but she coped with deep depression and now lives happily.

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