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Experts believe that prices for buckwheat will fall soon.

Farmers and experts assure that the shortage of buckwheat will not last long / photo

Buckwheat in Ukraine has become a “psychological barometer”. It instantly disappears from the shelves as soon as the Ukrainians feel the turmoil in the country. Groats break price records, in some places it already costs about 100 hryvnia per kilogram.

What will happen to buckwheat prices further, found out in a new story TSN.

A farmer from Volhynia Vladimir Shegedin sowed more buckwheat this year than in previous seasons. And yet this is not enough, the demand for cereals is great. Last year, Ukrainian farmers harvested just over 100,000 tons of buckwheat. However, the volume of consumption of popular cereals, according to statistics, is almost twice as much. Therefore, earlier buckwheat was imported from Russia to compensate for its lack.

“They sold our market for two years cheaper than their own, it was a frank dumping. And they killed the economic motivation of our farmers to deal with buckwheat. growing here,” says Sergey Gromovoi, director of the International Buckwheat Association.

For 20 years, the area under buckwheat has decreased from more than 700,000 hectares to 84,000 in 2021. It has become unprofitable for Ukrainian farmers to grow crops, because buckwheat was imported from the Russian Federation.

When the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine began, a shortage of buckwheat began on the domestic market. That is why its cost in the spring jumped as much as twice. However, even such expensive cereals are instantly “swept” off the shelves, Ukrainians feel a shortage.

Farmers and experts assure that the shortage of buckwheat will not last long, and the price of cereals will soon fall. You just have to wait for the next harvest.

“There will be a reduction in the price of buckwheat on the shelves of our stores by 20-30%,” experts say.

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