What will be the dollar exchange rate during August

Recently, the NBU raised the official dollar rate to UAH 36.57.

What will the dollar exchange rate be like?  - Appeared forecast / photo

dollar exchange rate in Ukraine in the near future may approach the official one and stabilize at around 37-38 hryvnia.

This forecast was voiced by experts interviewed by the site “Reviewer”.

According to the head of the analytics department at Concorde Capital Alexander Parashchiy, the panic over the current rate will subside in the coming weeks.

“The cash rate will approach the official level during August. I think the rate of about UAH 37-38/$ can be considered probable,” the expert predicts.

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Member of the Council of the National Bank Vasily Gorbal agrees with him. In his opinion, this will be affected by the partial launch of grain exports by Ukrainian ports. He also recalled Ukraine’s agreement with the IMF on financing economic recovery.

As you know, now the dollar is worth about 40 hryvnia. In a war, it will depend on the situation at the front and financial support for the Ukrainian economy.

β€œIt is difficult to say that now the non-market rate is difficult. This is the rate at which banks, exchangers are ready to buy and sell dollars,” the analyst says, predicting that after the change in the mood of Ukrainians and the fall in demand for the currency, the rate is likely to gradually decline .

As UNIAN reported, The National Bank lifted restrictions on setting the exchange rate from May 21at which authorized institutions can sell foreign currency in cash to customers – previously, the corresponding rate should not deviate from the official rate by more than 10%.

National Bank of Ukraine July 21 raised the official hryvnia exchange rate by 25% – up to 36.57 UAH/USD

On July 31, the hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar in the bank exchange offices in Kyiv reached 41.50 hryvnia / dollar, euro – 42.00 hryvnia.

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