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So far, the available resources and conditions do not allow us to talk about significant changes in the situation at the front, but the prospect is visible.

APU advancing in the direction of Kherson / photo

Now the main tactical task of the Ukrainian forces before the onset of winter is to significantly advance Kherson and Zaporozhye directions.

Writes about it RBC-Ukraine with reference to sources. The minimum plan is the de-occupation of Kherson, a single regional center that the Russians managed to capture on February 24th.

Theoretically, Ukraine can liberate most of the territories that were occupied after February 23 before winter, Grabsky believes. We are talking not only about Kherson, but also about the whole of Kherson, parts of Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions. According to a military expert, Colonel Sergei Grabsky, the available resources and conditions do not yet allow us to talk about significant changes in the situation at the front. But the prospect is visible, the interlocutor specified.

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Can we consider the prospects for the liberation of the south? Yes, no doubt, and there are all prerequisites for this. Very active hostilities are also taking place in the Kharkiv region. Therefore, we can consider the possibility of returning control over most of the territory, which is now under temporary occupation until the winter months,” Grabsky said.

According to the expert, the enemy’s defense in the south is built like dominoes and it can fall apart exactly according to the same principle. He explains: if the Armed Forces manage to liberate the right bank of the Kherson region and reach the Dnieper, we will put enemy communications on the left bank under fire control.

“I think that before the winter months it is realistic to liberate most of the Kherson region – not only Kherson itself and the territory around it, that is, the right-bank bridgehead. But also – to break the line of land from Donbass to Crimea: take some positions, and some take control of fire,” Igor Romanenko, former deputy chief of the General Staff, suggested.

Why is the emphasis on Kherson? The fact is that purely according to military logic, that part of the region, which is located on the right bank of the Dnieper, is now the most vulnerable foothold for the enemy. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are already conducting counterattacks there, trying to advance in the northwest and west in the direction of Nikolaev-Kherson.

Earlier it became known that Russia seems to have decided to adjust its plans offensive operation in Donbassfeeling the need to strengthen the grouping in the south.

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