What things bring poverty and unhappiness into the house

Can a thing bring bad luck and what should be thrown away if you don’t want to end up in poverty – find out in the UNIAN material.

What attracts poverty to the house /

It often happens that the material condition of a person leaves much to be desired – even shock work does not save the situation. Money “leaks through your fingers”, expenses exceed income, and the reason for this depressing situation is not clear. UNIAN will tell you what are the main signs of poverty and what to do to stop “making ends meet”.

Earlier we talked about what things in the house attract death and bad luck.

Things in the house that betray poverty and attract poverty

Experienced esotericists believe that every item in the house has its own unique energy. It can positively or negatively affect a person and areas of his life, “attracting” either luck or grief. We’ve put together a list of 5 dangerous items to get rid of if you don’t want to count pennies.

Things with “dead” energy

These include artificial or dried flowers, insect collections, stuffed animals, butterfly crafts, wall horns or skins, and other items made from a once-living creature. The whole point is that God’s creature lived and lived well until he was killed for fun. Now, being in your house, it carries the energy of death and there can be no talk of any well-being, including financial.

Stopped clock

According to esoteric writings, any mechanism that measures time is the engine of all life on Earth. As soon as it stops, it entails the stoppage of important life processes. The energy that used to be in full swing, stagnates, as does your development in a particular industry. Therefore, if you have a watch in which you can change the battery – do it, and broken and beyond repair, it is better to throw it away altogether.

Garbage and old rubbish

The circulation of energy in the house should be free – all magicians and spiritual healers talk about this. If too many things have accumulated in your apartment, then energy flows cannot pass freely, which means that any good opportunities for you will “get stuck” in the load of these items. If you don’t want a “hole” to form in your wallet, throw away unnecessary trash.

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broken things

Here the logic is the same as in the situation with dried plants – a working mechanism “gives” living energy into the world, it functions and personifies the movement forward. As soon as it breaks and stops, immediately your personal life turns into static. There will be no dynamics and development if your house is full of broken cups and plates, broken cabinets or leaking faucets. Just as water drips from a tap, money will also drip, only from your pocket, and not into it.

Broken mirrors and glass

Absolutely everyone knows that it is impossible to store a broken mirror in the house. The nuance is different – few fully understand the reason. UNIAN found out that a mirror has long been considered a portal to the other world, and if it cracked, then negative energy and all sorts of evil entities can easily penetrate the world of the living. Together with them, they will bring suffering, grief and devastation to the owners of the dwelling, and in some cases even death. If you look into such a mirror for a long time, then your life will crack in the same way as glass, which reflects and distorts everything that it “sees”.

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