What mushrooms to pick in August

UNIAN named six seasonal August mushrooms that are easy to find in the forest.

What mushrooms to pick in August / photo

August is quite a mushroom month that brings a lot of edible forest gifts. In Ukraine, the month began with rain, which means that many young mushrooms will appear in the forests. Earlier, UNIAN told when mushrooms are harvested in Ukraine and what grows in our forests. Let’s take a closer look at what you can “hunt” in August.


From the name of these mushrooms it is clear that boletus must be sought in birch groves. They grow throughout August in large quantities. Outwardly, they look like porcini mushrooms. You can recognize a boletus by a brown hat and a white leg with black dots. You can distinguish it from poisonous mushrooms by breaking off part of the cap – the flesh inside should be white, not yellow or pink.

Aspen mushrooms

Aspen mushrooms are very tasty and desirable mushrooms for any mushroom picker. They can be collected by people inexperienced in the mushroom business, because it is very easy to recognize them and they do not have poisonous “twins”. The boletus has a bright red-brown cap and a thick stem with brown patches. On the cut, the mushroom quickly turns blue. Grows from mid-summer to October in deciduous and mixed forests.

White mushrooms

The most coveted trophy for any mushroom picker is the porcini mushroom, known for its supreme taste. This mushroom grows profusely in August almost everywhere, but in a coniferous forest the chance to see it is higher. This mushroom has a dense stem and a brown cap, and the flesh on the cut is white. Its distinguishing feature is a pleasant mushroom smell.

What mushrooms to pick in August in Ukraine / photo


Oilseeds are harvested in coniferous forests. They begin to grow in July, but the peak of productivity falls in mid-August. Butterfish have a light yellow thin leg and a sticky hat. In a real butter dish, the flesh at the break should not change color.


Russula grows in any forests and on the edges, but most often it can be found near forest paths and under young birches. Russula have a long pale stem and a thin hat with a recess inside. The color of the cap can be red, less often yellow and green. The peel is easily removed from the cap with a knife.


Chanterelles are very tasty, especially in pickled form. This mushroom has a bright appearance and is easy to find in the forest, but it has an inedible “double”. Edible chanterelle is completely yellow in color, with a dense leg. And inedible false chanterelles have a reddish tint and an empty leg.

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