What is useful and harmful peach

How peach affects the stomach and why it is better for some people not to use them at all – find out in the UNIAN material.

Peach - benefits and harms to the body /

Juicy peach is one of the favorite fruits of Ukrainians, you can find it in the store from July to September. It is best to buy peaches in the season – so there are more chances to meet natural fruits. A peach is valuable not only for its fruits, but also for its seeds – cosmetic oil can be made from them. UNIAN will tell you what will happen if you eat a lot of peaches and how to use them without harm to health.

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Benefits of peach for women and men

Sweet fruit in the composition contains a large amount potassium and phosphorus – these substances support the musculoskeletal system. Availability magnesium ensures normal blood pressure and regulates the work of blood vessels. Those people who regularly consume peaches have lower blood cholesterol levels.

If you are wondering how peach affects the stomach, then we answer – positively. Both the pulp and the peel have a beneficial effect on the intestines and improve the functioning of the digestive tract due to their high fiber content.

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Peaches also have a positive effect on the skin, slowing down the aging process. Carotene gives it a fresh look and a natural blush, helping to be more resistant to the negative effects of the environment. Cosmetics based on peach seeds give the skin softness and elasticity.

The benefits of peaches for pregnant women

As a separate item, we highlight an effect that will definitely be important for expectant mothers – regular consumption of peaches reduces the risk of toxicosis or reduces its symptoms. Naturally, the final result will depend on the state of the girl’s body, but in general, such a practice exists.

Peaches also increase the level of hemoglobin and iron in the blood of a woman, and this is an important nuance for the health of her and her child. Vitamin C, B vitamins, folic acid, beta-carotene, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, selenium – all these elements help to avoid vitamin deficiency and improve the condition of the skin, as well as nails and hair.

What is harmful peach from the point of view of nutritionists

Experts say that peach should be used carefully by people who have gastrointestinal diseases. If a person has an acute stage of gastritis or pancreatitis, then it is better to exclude this fruit from the diet altogether. Peaches are also contraindicated for people with diabetes. As a standard, the fruits are prohibited for those people who have an individual intolerance to peaches, but this can only be found out through testing.

You can eat no more than 6-7 peaches per day for healthy people, and for those who are on a diet, the amount is reduced to 4-5 pieces.

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