What does it mean if a bird hit the window and flew away

What kind of bird knocks on the window to death and what else do such signs from the other world mean – find out in the UNIAN material.

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Our ancestors have long believed that birds are always harbingers of various events, so their behavior was given great importance. There is a belief that in ancient times birds circled over the battlefields, and the appearance of such a flock was associated with the outbreak of war. UNIAN will tell you what it means if a bird knocked on the window and flew away, as well as how to explain other behavior of birds.

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How and when a bird flies into an apartment – important nuances

Before you begin to interpret this situation, it is important to pay attention to how exactly the bird got into the house:

  • through the balcony door – to improve the financial situation, replenishment in the family or the arrival of relatives;
  • through the window – news from a deceased relative or a major financial loss;
  • through the chimney – to illness or imminent death, especially if the bird died in the process;
  • through the front door – to the unexpected arrival of guests or an early trip.

There is an opinion that the appearance of a bird in the house can promise the owners a strengthening of relationships or pregnancy. However, in this case, the color of the feathered plumage matters. Light – to good news, dark – to trouble. The type of bird is also important – pigeons, sparrows or swallows always carry positive energy, and crows are harbingers of trouble.

How to avert trouble if a bird knocks on the window – tips

Sometimes it happens that a feathered animal does not fly into the house, but only knocks on windows or doors, attracting the attention of people. There can be many meanings for this behavior:

  • a bird knocks on the window with its beak – tries to draw your attention and warns of imminent changes in life;
  • the bird knocked on the window and flew away – expect news from close relatives;
  • the bird crashed on the window – a warning about the death of someone close or impending danger;
  • the bird left feathers or cracks on the glass – to unpleasant news and problems that will come from an unexpected direction.

Esotericists say that you can neutralize a bad omen if you invite friends to visit or spend time with your family, creating an atmosphere of kindness and fun. Filling the house with positive energy, you will protect yourself from trouble. Orthodox believers can read a prayer and sprinkle the corners of the room into which the bird has flown with holy water.

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