What church holiday is August 4, 2022

Find out what you can do on August 4, and what actions will only bring you problems – find out in the UNIAN material.

The main holiday today is the day of memory of St. Mary Magdalene. Tradition says that in her youth, Mary of Magdala was a sinner and led a dissolute life. The gospel says that Jesus cast out 7 demons from her. After the healing, Mary became a completely different person and entered the history of Christianity forever. She also became one of five women who received the title of Equal-to-the-Apostles saint.

In honor of the saint today is celebrated national holiday 4 august – Maria Yagodnitsa.

What holiday is August 4 – the death of the Monk Kornily Pereyaslavsky

As a young boy, Cornelius (in the world – Konon) left his parental home and lived for five years in the Lukyanovskaya Hermitage, becoming a novice with Elder Paul. Then he moved to Pereyaslav, to the monastery of Boris and Gleb. For many years he carried out monastic deeds for the sake of Christ: he ate three times a week, did not sleep on the bed, prayed and did not sit at the same table with the brethren.

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The hegumen blessed him for seclusion, and then Cornelius settled in a cell, devoting himself to strict fasting and prayer. Saint Cornelius served at the temple at the meal, worked in the garden. He grew an apple orchard, dug a well, despite his body exhausted by strict fasting.

For thirty years he lived in silence, the brethren even believed that he was deaf and dumb. On July 22, 1693, the saint died, and 9 years later, during the construction of a new church, his relics were found incorrupt.

Signs August 4

Folk omens today / photo Albrecht Fietz, Pixabay
  • flax will turn gray if there is a lot of dew in the morning;
  • thunderstorm on August 4 – to a rich harvest of grain crops;
  • thunder rumbles without ceasing – to the imminent hail.

Dreams on August 4 are prophetic. But for their understanding, serious intuition is necessary – the images in dreams should not be taken literally.

What not to do today

On this date, it is forbidden to walk in the dew with bare feet – the evil spirit soaks clothes for mermaids in it. Also, you can not let cattle into the yard with dew drops on the skin. If you ignore this rule, then the animal can get sick and even die. It is not recommended to keep windows and curtains dirty, otherwise the light of well-being will not enter the house.

What can you do on August 4

Our ancestors on this day washed and ironed the curtains, and also washed the windows. You also need to go to the forest today for berries, close jams and compotes.

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