what area can Ukrainians choose for retraining

Promising areas are IT and sales, although working specialties in Ukraine are also among the most demanded today.

When retraining, Ukrainians can choose IT and sales areas, where today the best conditions are offered on the Ukrainian labor market. This and how people find jobs in Ukraine today are discussed in a new article. Focus To have a salary. How to find a job in Ukraine that pays.

Anna Mazur, founder of the Happy Monday career platform, said Focus, that when deciding to retrain office workers, it should be borne in mind that this may take time, it is worth counting on six months. Therefore, if you need to earn money here and now, you should pay attention to the skills that you have at the moment.

“Translating text or transcribing, editing photos or editing videos, searching for information on the Internet, preparing presentations or analytical reports – professional experience can have many skills that are valuable in themselves, for example, in the freelance market,” Anna Mazur emphasized.

According to her, today the professions of the digital world are the most in demand – for example, IT, design, marketing.

“If you do not see yourself in these professions, then you should not “break” yourself. Spend time on market analytics, current demand, vacancies. Understand those that are incomprehensible to you, but are interesting. Talk to professionals in those areas that you are considering for yourself” – advises Anna Mazur.


In Ukraine, men are invited to work, although women are more often looking for work (infographic)

Ruslana Berezovskaya, head of the expert-analytical center of the recruitment portal, also speaks about the prospects of the IT sector.

“The IT sphere feels quite confident even in times of crisis. And this area needs not only technical workers, but also recruiters, product marketers, sales managers, testers, designers. There are representatives of some professions who can receive additional training and be in demand in the IT sphere,” said Ruslana Berezovskaya.

According to her, the demand for sales managers has also recently increased. Due to the lack of staff, employers are ready to train people without experience in this field.

Previously, Valeria Gudiy, lawyer, adviser to the Ilyashev & Partners law firm, in a column for Focus reminded me that in difficult times companies can send employees on unpaid leavebut employees should remember: the accrual of seniority stops as soon as such an application is submitted.

Recall in June, an increase in the number of offers is noticeable on the labor market. True, the market has not yet approached the pre-war level in terms of the number of vacancies and the level of salaries. In particular, wages have stopped fallinghowever, do not grow.

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