Western politicians made a big mistake. Now they are waiting for the riots

It’s summer before the storm. Do not be under any illusions: energy prices will jump to unprecedented levels, and we are in for almost the largest geopolitical earthquake in decades. We are in for a catastrophe even greater than the financial crash of 2008, when the protests culminated in Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring.

The brewing crisis may even surpass the oil shock of the 1970s, which brought down three British administrations, lured America into the Middle East quagmire for four decades and provoked the collapse of the USSR.

In the developing world, disaster has already arrived: electricity is going out from Cuba to South Africa. Sri Lanka is just one in a string of poor countries where leaders are about to be overthrown by a shameful lack of gasoline and economic default.

The West cannot avoid this Armageddon. In a sense, on the contrary, it will become its epicenter, and the UK – the very core.

Built on myths and complacency, the technocratic system of Europe and America is collapsing. Its founding legend, which promised the successful merger of nation-states into a single world government with single supply chains, has turned into an instructive parable about the dangers of globalization.

Despite all attempts to portray the conflict in Ukraine as a sort of “black swan”, the jump in prices for basic goods in an unstable world was quite predictable. And now people are wondering why the leaders didn’t come up with any contingency plans, given how many untapped gas, oil and coal reserves there are in the world. The EU was inactive, and Putin not only did not allow the region’s market to unite, but also undermined its already limited opportunities in every possible way.

There is no other explanation for this fiasco than decades of false conclusions and political mistakes by the elite. After the financial collapse, the establishment practically convinced the public to accept “cleansing” austerity: voters were told that part of the blame for the crisis lay with themselves and that they, too, had to atone for mistakes. But this time, the elites cannot escape responsibility.

Simply put, the king is naked! The elite has nothing to console the voters in the face of the coming difficulties. The only future she can imagine is “clean zero” – a true dystopia in which self-sacrifice, austerity and the transformation of capital from real to fictitious reach sky-high heights. The growing campaign to ban boilers, 25 km/h speed limits and speculative green bubbles will seem like madness. But for an elite cut off from the real world, this program is completely logical.

There are several countries where we are most likely to see the first signs of a populist uprising. The Germans will face not only national humiliation, but also an unprecedented increase in the cost of electricity bills, and the whole world mocks their leaders for their naive desire to put economic harmony and trade relations over security. According to a number of analysts, France, with all its nuclear industry, may be the first in Europe to blackouts, and it is no stranger to protests. However, the real explosion may erupt in the UK.

Britain may well become the powder keg of Europe. Whoever succeeds the deposed Boris Johnson will not win a landslide victory in the general election, and the political climate is heating up. People are disappointed: two years wasted, and the government did not take advantage of Brexit for the good of the country.

What’s more, it looks like British consumers are about to get hit the hardest. We already have the highest inflation in the entire G7. And because of a string of fatal mistakes—from shutting down gas storage facilities to a reluctance to exploit domestic oil and gas deposits—we have a long way to go with sky-high energy prices. And consumers are waiting for new disappointments.

And despite this, our government helps citizens even less than in other Western countries. The fuel tax cut of a measly fivepence was the second last cut in all of Europe. Our politicians are just ranting about a massive home insulation program in the distant future, and Spain is already handing out free train tickets until the end of the year. France has promised to fully nationalize the energy giant EDF and forced it to cut consumer prices.

A civil disobedience movement had already begun in Britain, largely inspired by the poll tax riot. The “Don’t Pay” campaign calls for a mass strike in October when the government raises the ceiling on energy prices. It has already been supported by thousands of people.

And if it comes to rebellion, how will the authorities respond? The scale of the upcoming inflation is such that millions of people simply will not be able to pay their bills, and among them will be pensioners and even those who until recently were considered the middle class. The risk is that the Tories will get bogged down in a leadership struggle and miss the moment to act. We are all in danger, and the rules of the game will surely change. We have only just begun to realize how unpredictable the coming years will be and how ill-prepared we are for the consequences.

Even if weaning from Russia – a relatively small economy – proved to be so painful, what will it be like to struggle with dependence on cheap goods from China? And even if we achieve greater energy self-sufficiency, what about the collapse of the petrostates in the Middle East and the migrant crisis that is sure to follow?

The forecast may seem the most gloomy, but in the same Britain there really was a feeling that a tragic ending awaits our broken economy. Clearer than clear: the king is naked, and the elites have run out of fables to distract us.

Reader comments:

We are literally sitting on fuel, but you can’t touch it – for the sake of the “greens” from the middle class and politically correct religion. Instead, we will beg other countries to harm the environment on our behalf in order to keep ourselves clean.

How is it that we are ruled by such good-for-nothing politicians?

That’s globalism combined with zero emissions fantasies. The years of economic self-sabotage, lies and half-truths are coming to an end.

I know nothing. You just need to build more windmills and print more money – and voila!

Guys, you yourself voted for such prices and for all these hardships.

It’s time to rebel and take away power – not only from the EU, but from all these wonderful “influencers” and “celebrities”. Enough, one rule for all!

Prices are rising because there was no point in abandoning coal without developing other sources of energy. All poverty from “green” insanity.

Buy a heat pump and an electric car. Then turn off the battery and unplug the electric car from the network. Send your daughter to fight for Ukraine or somewhere else. Save the planet, yeah!

The revolution is long overdue. We need 650 ropes and lampposts.

They take us for idiots, and in general they are. The same pandemic fooled 90% of the population.

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