Well, just like in Ukraine – it’s sacred here, – Kuleba about the mood of Europe

About tse on the air of the national marathon, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba. Vіn adding, sho sogodnі ЄS showing, scho vіn itself will establish the rules of the green on the political arena of Europe, informing the 24th channel.

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Kuleba about the devil’s manipulation of Russia

On food, honestly, Europe was tired of the war in Ukraine, the senior officer of the MZS was firmly convinced that the Ukrainians forgot about such understanding.

How about in the same way as Ukraine? But here is a sacred place in Ukraine! To marvel, the head of the European Union for the sake of tweeting – vtaє, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, represented the whiskers of Ukraine in a yellow-black suit. There is no such thing as Ukraine, forget about this term,
– voicing Kuleba.

Behind these words, those who immediately apply under the term “in the same time in Ukraine” – this is Russia’s manipulation, as it is our fault to reinforce our butcimto menshovartist. Well, really – the respect of the earthly world is sheltered until the war in our state.

“I’ll tell you before, I’ll tell you at once and I’ll tell you for sure: if it weren’t possible for us to see Ukraine, there won’t be any. .

EU – the whole power of the European continent

Today’s zavdyaks of Ukraine ЄС zooms in their strength, energy and building praise the historical solution, respecting Kuleb.

To restore respect, like the Western Balkans, samіt ending in vain. Tobto the lands of the EU did not make themselves home,
– voicing wine.

With all the problems of Ukraine and Moldova – the country with problems of supra-evolutionary complexity – the EU leaders managed to reach a consensus. At the thought of the minister, I instill in the representatives of the union a great faith in their building and ruin Europe forward.

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