“Well, f**k” soloist of the group “Koruptsiya” about Bardash, who wants to go to Russia

V_domy rap-team “Koruptsiya” also changed under the production of Yuri Bardash. That now yoga pіdopіchnі zupinayut svіvpratsyu with him through those who do not sue the aggression of Russia and in no way support Ukraine.

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Mikhailo Krupin about Bardash

The leader of the group “Koruptsiya” Mikhailo Krupin said that Yury Bardash still does not have a Russian passport. Ale, it seems that he is planning to take it off to the country-aggressor in spite of all the wickedness and terrorist activities.

There are no passports in the new one. Yogo is not easy to take. Vin at once in Georgia. Ale yak I zrozum_v, v_n pravd_ zbiraєtsya get over there (at Russia – Showbiz 24),
– said Mikhailo Krupin.

The frontman of the rap group knew that Yuriy Bardash had started to publish information about the war and took the money on the cob. Ale zgoda having seen all of the special sides. The rapper knows that we will feel we will leave.

“I’m sicker. I feel that they just left us. Mine is still in sight. Go – well, fuck it,” Krupin said laconically.

Who completed the practice with Yuri Bardash

  • wellboy, which became popular under Bardash’s krill. Vin teasing the producerwithout naming the reasons for the development of spivpratsi, but writing in the verse: “Fire, TV viewers, you are kipish, and moan all the thermal cameras, Skoda for Nenka, Ukraine and culture! And for Uncle Yura …”.
  • sound producer Evgen Triplov buv categorical z th drive. Vіn pіdkresliv, scho not pratsyuvatima z Bardash, as long as he does not demonstrate the pro-Ukrainian position. “I think it’s the fault of the Ukrainian cultural hero to say his position, it’s impossible for him to stand aside from this dash … Otherwise, Yura will support Ukraine and sue the aggression of the Russian Federation, otherwise he will leave the project, and the Wellboy project is guilty of continuing it.”
  • Sasha Chemerov, who also worked as a producer on the Quest Pistols team. “Because of Bardash, my friend Chornobaivka became my friend. Yura is a piece of baiduzh line. I don’t want yoga roses ** buvat, more in me.

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