Weather in Ukraine for a week

Temperature fluctuations and rains with thunderstorms are expected in Ukraine during the first week of August.

Weather for the week / photo

There will be a lot of rain in the first week of August in Ukraine. Precipitation is expected throughout the country, but most of them will be in the eastern and central regions. The showers will often be accompanied by thunderstorms. In the first half of the week, the temperature throughout the country will drop to comfortable values ​​of +24°…+29°, only in the south it will be warmer in some places. Before the weekend, the heat will return to the country, in most regions it will be from +27° to +31°, and on Sunday, August 7, in western Ukraine, the thermometers will again drop to +25°…+29°.

This is evidenced by the data Weather UNIAN.

So, August in Ukraine will begin with mostly cloudy weather. Showers with thunderstorms are expected in the south and in some central regions. Heat up to + 34 ° will be only in the East. In most regions of Ukraine, more comfortable temperatures are expected, +24°…+29°. The freshest of all will be in the west of Ukraine, +20°…+23°.

Weather in Ukraine on August 1 / photo from UNIAN

On August 2, rains with thunderstorms will cover almost all of the Left Bank, as well as the south and center of Ukraine. In most areas, the temperature will drop to a comfortable +24°…+27°, only in some places in the south it will be warmer.

Weather in Ukraine on August 2 / photo from UNIAN

On Wednesday, August 3, the temperature background in Ukraine will be at the same level as on Tuesday. Rains, in places – with thunderstorms, will pass practically throughout the entire starn, except for most of the western regions.

Weather in Ukraine on August 3 / photo from UNIAN

In the middle of the week the weather in Ukraine will change a little. In the west the sky will clear up and the air will warm up to +26°…+28°. In the rest of the territory, rains with thunderstorms are also expected, however, even there the thermometers will creep up a little. For example, in places in the north and south of Ukraine the air will warm up to +29°…+30°.

Weather in Ukraine on August 4 / photo from UNIAN

Before the weekend, on August 5, it will become even warmer in Ukraine. Throughout the country, the temperature will rise to +27°…+31°. The rains will weaken and shift to the southeast. Precipitation will also affect the Center and some northern regions.

Weather in Ukraine on August 5 / photo from UNIAN

On Saturday, August 6, heat will break into Ukraine. There will be a lot of sun throughout the country, and the air will warm up to +28°…+34°. Precipitation is unlikely.

Weather in Ukraine on August 6 / photo from UNIAN

At the end of the week, Ukrainians are again waiting for a change in the weather. Rains will come to Ukraine from the west and bring with them a slight drop in temperature to +25°…+29°. The rest of the territory will still be sunny, hot and dry. In places in the south, the temperature will jump to + 35 °.

Weather in Ukraine on July 7 / photo from UNIAN

People’s forecast for the week

August 1 – Makrida Day. It was believed that if it rained that day, then the next year’s rye would be excellent, and the harvest would be rich.

August 2 – Ilyin’s day. On Ilya before lunch, summer, after lunch, autumn.

August 3 – day of Onufry. Thunder will be uninterrupted hail. Good weather will continue if ground fog forms in low places in the evening and at night, dissipating after sunrise.

August 4 is the day of Mary Magdalene. Thunder rumbles incessantly – there will be hail.

August 5 – Pochaev Icon of the Mother of God. Timothy’s day of insomnia. If the weather is good, they work almost around the clock in the field and garden, which is why this day got its name.

August 6 – Martyrs of the Right-believing Princes Boris and Gleb, in the holy Baptism of Roman and David. Thunderstorms were the strongest threat to the ripened crops and hay that still remained in the meadows – the fire destroyed everything and left both people and cattle on a starvation ration. That is why this day got its name.

August 7 – Anna summer. They said that “what is the weather on Anna before lunch, such is the winter until December; what is the weather in the afternoon, such is the weather after December.”

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