We will have to take serious actions, – Piontkovsky about the curiosity of Russia after Putin

About tse 24 channel said the Russian publicist Andriy Piontkovsky. Vіn vvazhaє, scho Putin does not vlada, but spend vіn її already after the call to the occupation of Kherson.

Up to those It looks like the Kremlin has a vacancy, – Piontkovsky about Putin’s ailment

For yoga words first post-Putin kerivnitstvo – there will be those abominationslike a little new in the bunker, because there are no signs of normal people.

Piontkovskiy perekonaniy, scho stinks (Putin’s followers – Channel 24) will be maddened by the Ukrainian realities, even if the Ukrainian army can and is far away from the line (Kherson – Channel 24), call Mariupol, Donetsk and Luhansk.

Tom will have to go to serious deeds. All these actions are not just a re-enactment of the politics of the remaining 4 months of the war, but will be a re-resurrection of the politics of the remaining 20 – 25 years of the imperial policy of Russia,
– stating wine.

The publicist zapevniv that in the process of “re-baptism” a lot of things will change, at any time – Russia will not have any aggressive policy for a decade.

At the thought of Piontkovsky, Russia will think not about those, how to pick up with forces and take revenge, but we will think about something else.

“I sing you that in the period between the capture of Kherson and the exit of the Ukrainian army on line 23 of the fierce enjoy a lot of processes in Russia, as they suit you“, – pіdsumuvav vіn.

Marvel at the interview with Andriy Piontkovsky:

What can Putin drink from the seat of the president

  • The head of the military intelligence of Ukraine, Kirilo Budanov, said on May 13 that Russia is rightly rozpochinaetsya ruh directly knocking down the Putin regime.
  • Tse pov’yazano, zokrema, from the unsatisfactory camp of the Russian dictator’s health. For yoga words, the Kremlin dictator suddenly has a sprig of significant illnesses, one of them is cancer.
  • I am looking for information Nadav and Russian oligarch, approaches to the Kremlin. Vіn rozpovіv, that Putin has blood cancer, adding that the president of Russia has symptoms of deity.
  • In addition, the Russian dictator, ymovіrno, vtrachaє zіr, maє uncontrollable tremor kintsіvok and collapsible with the rush. It was already remembered on yoga zustrіchs with Lukashenka and Shoigu.
  • Likewise, Putin has great unacceptability through his invasion of Ukraine. Even though the sanctions are suffering, not only the Russian economy and the ordinary people. Pid we drank and people from the nearest dictator.

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