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The public has been arguing for a long time about whether they are together.

Vova Dantes and Dasha Katsurina / Screenshot

Vladimir Dantes, who has long been credited with an affair with restaurateur Dasha Katsurina, posted a video. On it, he sits on the bed with Dasha. The girl has loose hair, she is dressed in a sexy milky silk nightgown.

Vladimir begins the video with the words that he and Daria have long wanted to tell the fans something.

“We want to say something important. It seems to some that this is not the time, but for Vova it is really important. You could guess about this, our friends sometimes discuss this among themselves. I think there is no point in being silent. And Dasha and I decided to say this,” Dantes and Katsurina were intrigued.

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After a short intriguing pause, they called for helping animals, supporting the UA Animals project, and also stressed that animals also suffer from war. Therefore, if possible, they ask to shelter one of the abandoned pets at home.

“Vova, why do I only think about whether you are in trousers in this video or just in shorts at home? We help animals!” TV presenter Anatoly Anatolich wrote in the comments.

“Thank you for your kind heart,” rapper alyona alyona added.

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“I love it,” said TV presenter and volunteer Masha Efrosinina.

“It’s very cool that you took advantage of what people are interested in and told or reminded about what is really important”, “That’s what we expected to hear”, “Very well-aimedly used the informational occasion,” write netizens.

Recall that the psychic told why they actually broke up Dorofeeva and Dantes.

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