We carry the whole cross, – Timur Miroshnichenko to adopt a third child from a child house

Even before the war, in St. Miroshnichenko’s Inn, there was an idea to take a child from a child’s house. Also, in the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the stench of Timur realized that they were ready. The decision was made by the couple who praised the fact that, like a babble, some little ones are becoming orphans.

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Why Miroshnichenki want to adopt a child

We began to talk about adoption in such a way that they already pleased me. We did not discuss food. Just start talking in such a key
– guessing Timur Miroshnichenko.

Timur Miroshnichenko with the squad of Inna and children / Photo from the showman’s instagram

However, making friends with the mind, to make a child synovite – tse viklik. He plans to take a special course for him, consult with psychologists, and they prepared him for all possible scenarios in vihovanni.

“Children from a child’s booth – even more different. It’s like a stink of injury, but we can’t know, like life was before knowing us, we need to practice and carry our cross. Until then, we need to cook, so that it won’t be like a surprise. We are mentally prepared before we will be tested,” the team of the TV presenter will shout out.

To that Miroshnichenko to think about becoming adoptive fathers not earlier, lower for a river, or even two. You really don’t know who you want – a boy or a girl, and in a different way. The showman cares that his child stinks with his heart.

Tse is unambiguous from the heart, you can’t plan it yourself. You won’t come and say: “Show us the results.” Just a little bit of another story. Here you need a connection. Vіn can be more sensible if you are alive. If we see that this is our child, then we will adopt,
– said Timur Miroshnichenko.

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