We can easily hit Sevrodonetsk, – Gaidai explaining why not to shy

We will unequivocally turn all territories, – Gaidai

About tse saying the head of the Lugansk regional administration of the Viysk, Sergiy Gaidai. Vіn rozpovіv, scho ukrainian warriors report titanic zusils, so that once the Luhansk region was completely deoccupied.

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Behind the words of Gaidai, the Ukrainian army is fighting against the military of Russia, as if they overestimate ours for numbers, but those who are already old-fashioned do not value the powerful soldiers.

We will definitely turn all territories. I have no doubts about what,
Gaidai said.

The head of the Lugansk OVA, having declared that the Zbroyni Forces of Ukraine here can succeed on the battlefield, and on some direct lines, they will be able to stream the enemy and enter new positions. When tsimu vіn slandered, scho ZSU in charge of the garrison colossal expenses.

“It’s all to fight for one goal – to win!”, – said Gaidai.

Vіn adding that Ukrainian Ukrainians can win Sєvєrodonetsk for tyzhden, “ale, at what cost i, what will be the KKD (Coefficient of Korisnoy Dії – Channel 24)”.

Ochіlnik Luhansk OVA, having declared that the viysk kerіvnitstvo to rob everything correctly and not to give up, the shards of victory can be close. Vin called out to help the Ukrainian army.

Russians are trying to get Sevrodonetsk

  • Russia has thrown significant forces on those who want Sevrodonetsk and the entire Lugansk region. The occupiers were able to break through the defenses of the ZSU, after which there could be street fights near Sevrodonetsk for a month.
  • With a camp for 22 worms, it was clear that the Ukrainian forces control the plant “Azot” at Sevrodonetsk. Vodnochas the head of the Sєvєrodonetskoy Viysk-civilian administration Oleksandr Stryuk informed that battles are already often fought on the territory of the Azot plant.
  • The General Staff of the ZSU was told that Russia conduct assault missions, to get Sevrodonetsk. The occupiers are in charge of mass strikes on the positions of the ZSU. Narazі situation near Sєverodonetskou foldable, but controlled.
  • With the help of the enemy, the Ukrainian forces were able to conduct an active maneuverable defense. For tribute to the General Staff of the ZSU, the enemy may be in a rage.
  • Honorary student of the Lugansk region Sergiy Gaidai informing, which in the Severodonetsk industrial zone is already full of rich spores, through which it is not possible for the ZSU to enter the new stronger positions. Gaidai explaining what ZSU has no sense buti in broken positions.

Before those – ZSU see Sevrodonetsk: marvel at the video

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