We are threatening Ukraine with a new offensive of Putin’s army, or Lukashists from the side of Belarus

Why are Lukashists zamarok mercifulness

We talked about it with the analysts of the Institute for the Follow-up War (ISW) – these are the people themselves, who regularly analyze tons of information about the war and compile detailed maps of combat events in Ukraine – the attacks that you fought.

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Persian, it seems in the Institute for the Study of War, the army of Belarus is not a military force. There are not enough assets in it, low combat readiness and no real combat certificate, on the authority of the ZSU. Also, the victory here is definitely on the boats of Ukraine.

In a different way, Lukashenka’s army is needed in order for abi to be left under the rule of the regime. Also, in the time of the defeat of the Belarusian subsidiaries in Ukraine, the stability of the power was deflated under the threat.

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For a new offensive of Russia from the Belarusian territory – according to the thought of the dosledniks, it is at the same time a little moving. The forces of the Russian Federation that have been blown up by Belarus are not enough for whom, and the stink of additional movement of technology is not enough.

Plus, Russia has recognized significant expenses, and at the same time, the її army, according to the estimates of the Institute, is not capable of a serious ground attack at once from a direct strike.

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