We are getting closer to three Bayraktar, – the director of the Prituli Foundation about those who collect pennies

Anna Gvozdyar, director of the Charitable Foundation Sergius Prytuli, spoke about tse 24 channel. Vaughn announced that by camping on the morning of 23 chervnias, they already took over 300 million hryvnias.

Up to those Zinchenko calling to reach the collection of coins at the national “Bayraktari”

People keep throwing pennies

As the director guessed, the Fund would like to buy 3 strike operational-tactical unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar for the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Vodnocha pennies, yakі already zіbral, vystachit on 2 such drones.

Namely, people continue to “gain” pennies, and grow up. We are getting closer to three Bayraktar,
– appointed director of the fund.

Zvіdki force pennies

Behind the words of Gvozdyar, there are low foreign payments to our close susees, as well as those from overseas. However, most of the people earn money from Ukraine.

“These payments are 10, 20, 50, 100 hryvnias. Vlasne, їх є levova chastka.

An insert for sleeping help

As the volunteer was appointed, it is impossible to say that Ukraine is an economically successful power, the shards have to be bought even Bayraktar. However, most of all, those who are skinned Ukrainians are ready to give a part of what they can, for a sleeping victory.

Tsі all 5, 10, 20 hryvnias – for someone, perhaps, less than a cup of cavi, but for someone, the sum is large. In the skin in a different way, but the smut brought in people,
Nailer respected.

Chomu Bayraktar

Vaughn said that at the same time it is already necessary to transfer the transfer of 3 Bayraktar drones for ZSU. In addition, I added that 8 years of volunteering for our army gave our fund an insight that helps at times.

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As the director said, their fund buys a lot of speeches, which are necessary for the Ukrainian military. Utіm, Bayraktar itself – it’s worth it to be more involved in the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Tsіlі on the future

Behind the words of Gvozdyar, perhaps, the future will have ambitious goals in them. However, at the same time, Bayraktar is the head of the river, as you can make the enemy hoard our places or destroy them.

“High Russian guards are stumbling, but we won’t be stumbling. And between our abilities, that plan is directly proportional to how far our enemy is ready to go,” the volunteer voiced.

Director of the Charitable Foundation Sergiy Prytuli spoke about collecting pennies at Bayraktar: watch the video

Sergiy Prytuli’s project “People’s Bayraktar”: what is seen

  • Volunteer Sergiy Prytula 22 black coins for his National Day having voted about the choice of koshtiv for 3 Bayraktar drones for ZSU. Vіn zaznav, scho for tyzhden it is necessary to collect ponad pіv billion hryvnia.
  • Prytula on your Facebook page far away to pick up 141 million hryvnia on Turkish drones. Vіn voiced that such a sum was “donated” for 10 years.
  • This year, 23 chern, it became known that the fund far away 300 million hryvnias from skyscrapers. Tobto all for the doba were recruited for 2 Bayraktar for 3.

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