War. One hundred fifty-sixth day. Photo. 53 dead in Yelenovka, two – in Kramatorsk, seven – in Nikolaev


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A missile attack on the Yelenovka colony, where Ukrainian prisoners of war are kept, killed 53 people. Ukraine and Russia are accused of shelling each other. A residential area in Kramatorsk was shelled – two people were killed, dozens of houses were damaged. In Nikolaev, they hit a public transport stop: seven people died, 13 were injured, seven more were hospitalized in serious condition. Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrived in Odessa, where he announced Ukraine’s readiness to export grain and visited a hospital. Meduza publishes the main photos of the 156th day of the war.

Important warning. Every day since the start of the Russian invasion, Meduza’s editors have selected key shots taken during the previous day of the war. These pictures contain scenes of gore, violence and death, but most of them not placed under a special plate, which the editors usually hide such images. In a series of these photo stories, we try to document the war as it is.


A destroyed prison barrack in the village of Yelenovka, 40 kilometers from Donetsk. On the morning of July 29, a rocket attack was launched on the colony. Ukrainian prisoners of war are kept in this place, including fighters of the Azov Battalion. 53 Ukrainian prisoners were killed and another 75 were injured. Russia and Ukraine blamed each other in the shelling of the colony

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Covered bodies of dead prisoners of war in Yelenovka. The fighters of the Azov regiment, who were kept in the colony, surrendered in Mariupol in mid-May, after a period of about two months defense plant “Azovstal”

North of Donbass

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft with a Z sign near Yelenovka
Rescuers search for people under the rubble after the Russian shelling of Kramatorsk. According to head of the Donetsk regional administration Pavel Kirilenko, the blow was delivered to a residential area. Two private houses were completely destroyed, 21 more were damaged. Two people died, five were injured
Woman in her home after Russian shelling in Kramatorsk
Residents of Kramatorsk carry the body of the deceased after Russian shelling
Rescuers are looking for people under the rubble of a destroyed building in Kramatorsk


On July 29, Russian troops fired on Nikolaev with cluster shells, informed mayor of the city Alexander Senkevich. In the photo – the bodies of the dead
Place of shelling of Nikolaev on July 29. Seven people were killed, 13 were injured as a result of a strike on a public transport stop
Place of shelling of Nikolaev on July 29. Seven victims were hospitalized, doctors assess their condition as serious, writes “Suspilne Nikolaev”
Stop damaged by Russian shelling in Nikolaev on 29 July. On the night of July 30, the city fired again – the blow fell on one of the sleeping areas. According to preliminary information, one person died, six were injured.


A ship before loading grain in Odessa. On July 29, the city was visited by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. He declaredthat the export of grain from Ukrainian ports should begin in the coming days: “As soon as the Turkish side and the UN give a signal that they are ready to receive cargo, everything will start. I think it will start today or tomorrow.”
Volodymyr Zelensky visits wounded soldiers in the Odessa city hospital. “Even while being treated, our defenders maintain their fighting spirit. Know that we are very supportive of you. Get well soon!” — wrote President of Ukraine in his telegram channel
A woman feeds birds on the Black Sea coast in Odessa. The city’s beaches are still closed to the public
Night train at the station in Odessa, bound for Kyiv. Woman saying goodbye to a soldier

Photos taken on the previous – one hundred and fifty-fifth – day of the war, can be viewed on this link.

One hundred and fifty-seventh day of the war. Online Jellyfish

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