War in Ukraine – astrologer predicted hell in August – UNIAN

Cross of human passions – the period from the end of July to September. It was always marked by destruction and weakening, after which a new round, a new cycle began. In the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, it will also be strongly reflected.

Astrologer Rubina Cybulska says that the time is coming for the second stage of the bloody war in Ukraine, it will last throughout August 2022. This is the time of fatal and fateful accomplishments.

As the astroexpert said on her YouTube channel, a critical and decisive period is coming. There is a possibility of the president’s betrayal, she says.

“In general, this period is unfavorable for each of us, for global life changes. Emotions will go off scale,” Tsybulskaya predicts.

She says it’s a critically devastating time. There is a possibility of using nuclear weapons, catastrophes, cataclysms, the astrologer continued.

But, at the same time, pleasant changes await Ukraine: we will see many victories. “Decisions made in August, documents signed will change the course of events in the country in the future,” the astrologer said.

Formerly famous astrologer Dmitry Uranus made a forecast for Ukraine several years ahead and predicted the danger to our country.

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