Want to win for your purposes: the occupiers try to break the port of Berdyansk

The Russians are renovating the Berdyansk port “within the framework of logistical security.” About tse povіdomlyayat rank zvedenni General Staff 24 worms.

Return respect The main center of strikes from Belarus and the agony of the enemy on Pivdni: the main for 121 days of war

Occupant rebuild the port near Berdyansk

As part of the logistics security, the occupiers are trying to expand the water area of ​​the seaport of Berdyansk,
– to move in remembrance.

The situation on Pivdennobuzky did not change directly. The enemy defends itself and tries to carry out a counter-battery fight.

Also, the guards led an air strike on the positions of the ZSU in the area of ​​Bila Krinitsa. Our air force, on clear cuts, hit the guards at the guards.

Situation at the front: smut

  • On Volinsky and Polisky straight lines without special changes. On the territory of Belarus, positions are being actively strengthened.
  • On the Siverskoe directly, the enemy shelled the civilian and military infrastructure in the areas of Tovstodubovy, Bachivsky, Glukhov and Manukhivka, Sumy region.
  • On Kharkiv, the Russians attacked the area of ​​​​Kharkov, Stary Saltov, Korobochkino, Pechenigiv, Dementievka and Zolochev from artillery. The activities of sabotage and development groups were activated.
  • On Slov’yansky directly from artillery, the enemy shelled civilian infrastructure in the areas of Bogorodichny, Krasnopillya, Kurulka, Chervony, Ridny and Chervonoy Polyana.
  • On Sєvєrodonetskomu directly the enemy of tanks, mortars, cannon and rocket artillery nearby Lisichansk, Sєvєrodonetsk, Bіloy Gori, Vovchoyarivka, Spirny and Berestovoy. Head of air strikes on Lysychansk and Borivskyi Fight for Sevrodonetsk.
  • The occupiers were advancing in the Peace of the Valley, fighting the battles. The advance of the enemy in the area of ​​the Borovsky ZSU was successfully sounded.
  • On Bakhmutsky, Russian invaders fired on the positions of Ukrainian defenders with artillery near Mykolaivka, Berestovoye and Novolugansky. The enemy is encouraged to improve and tactfully position.
  • On Novopavlіvskomu straight ahead, the enemy led the fire in the areas of Antonivka, Vugledar and Zolotoi Nivi. The soothsayers of sabotage-rozvіduvalni groups of the Ukrainian wars revealed and smashed. Surplus DRGs flowed into the armor.
  • On Avdіїvskiy, Kurakhіvskiy and Zaporіzskiy, no active battles were recorded. The Russians fired on the positions of the Ukrainian soldiers in the areas of Avdiivka, Umansky, Vesele, Novobakhmutivka, Gulyaypilsky, Bilogir and Staroukrainka.

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