Vranci near Mykolaiv and districts of chuli vibukha: information about the wounded and victims

The first alarm was raised on the night of 24 worms near the Mykolaiv region was announced at 1:56. And about 2:15 they voted out. Suddenly, a siren sounded in the city already vranci – about 7:01. And after 36 hvilin, the siren about the future was already blaring.

Varte respect The car of collaborator Dmytro Savluchenok was wrecked near Kherson: he died

Natomist podomlennya in social media vibuhi in the city they began to appear even before the bula was deafened by the anxiety of the lie. Ymovirno rockets were launched from the sides of the sea.

Information about vibuhi in Mykolaiv is also confirmed in the regional viysk administration. Ale, there are still no details of what happened.

Natomist says about those that 23 Mykolaiv worms were attacked by three ground-based cruise missiles. Qi rockets were launched from the territory of the paid off Kherson region. They stole the social infrastructure from the virobnichu. Todi wounded was taken away by one civilized person.

Under the hour of shelling, rockets were taken from the brotherly grave of the Radian soldiers.

More details Under the hour of shelling of Mykolayev, the Russians burned at the brotherly grave of the soldiers of the Radian army

When shelling in the Mykolaiv region, then on 23 chervnia, close to 20:00, after the shelling of the village of Novomikolaivka, Pervomaisky community, one person perished, some people were recognized early. One booth was built, the other living booths were destroyed.

At night, 23 chervnyas were fired at the Shirokivsk community. Zruynovani warehouse of agricultural enterprises. There are no victims for advance information.

Zranka, 24 chervnyas, the villages of Gorohivka of the Resurrection community were shelled. Fire fixed. Information about the traces is being specified.

Pushing rocket fire on Mykolayev 22 worms

Before CIM 22 chervnya Russian occupiers launched one of the same missiles at Mykolaev. The stench was taken in various objects in the city. After one trip to the territory of two enterprises, the fire-oil materials were taken away, the vinyl was burned on a large scale, black dim smoke was rising to a height of a hundred meters. Vіdtak yogo boules can be seen in the whole place.

So one of the rockets fell on the road, with tricks that looked like a poor school, rich overheads and private booths. There, the veil was knocked on the door, it was a mess.

Fortunately, under the hour of shelling, the victims disappeared in the distance. On the back there was information about the dead one, but the ale won was not confirmed.

Marvel at the video about those, like a rocket in Alchevsk, they let people in, they let out stars

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