Vorozhoi equipment has become smaller: military aircraft Il-76 crashed in Russia

Zagalom on board was a sprat of osib. Some of them survived, they were taken to the hospital in a critical tank. About tse povіdomili rosіyskі ZMI in nіch on 24 chervnia.

Recently A new pardon for the military: Su-25 attack aircraft crashed near the Rostov region

Іl-76 crashed after villota from Ryazan

One day after the incident, it became known about 2 dead. 4 more traumatized took away the carriages of Shvidko. They wrote prote zgodno thatthere are already three of the injured, and six of the wounded. The ship flew from Orenburg to Belgorod. And in Ryazan, it’s not enough to land unexpectedly for refueling.

After the accident Іl-76 near Russia 24 worms: marvel at the video

Once upon a time, Il-76 fell into the field of living houses. There began a large-scale fire, and on the spot a sprat of corrals of ryatuvalniks arrived.

Russian Іl-76, which fought the battle of Ryazan / Photo telegram Shot

On the records from the month it is noted that at the time of the arrival of the ryatuvalniks, that I would still be dead until the arrival of the ryatuvalniks.

Ryatuvalniks of a broken Il-76 near Ryazan: marvel at the video

How did the authorities of Russia explain

At the Ministry of Defense they told me that there was nothing more than a primary flight. Movlyav, the pilots revealed the inadequacy of the dvigun and virish landed on the ground. Ale, as can be seen on the footage from the month, the landing was not far away. Adzhe in the ship was no less shaken by the hull, and the front part was thrown over.

Far from the first drop

In Russia, after the beginning of the invasion, they began to actively victorious their aviation, and often began to scurry about such “faults of the engine.” The first such heavy fall was on the 12th day in the Rostov region. There, having fallen into the airfield, the elite Ka-52 helicopter helicopter, which was transporting ammunition.

And for a few days before Іl-76, there were a few such vipadkivs. Zokrema, 17 chervnya in the Belgorod region falling attack aircraft Su-25. nevdovzі became aware that they were the same cheruvav crew, which not maw vіdpovіdnogo. And on the 25th of the chervnya, the same Su-25 in the Rostov region broke up for the hour of the “initial-training flight”.

More details – how it became known about the Su-25 accident in the Rostov region: marvel at the video

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