Vlasnik of the “smart” system at home hacking the company’s servers and remotely cherubing other people’s jacuzzis

Security record Iton Zviari having revealed intelligence in the SmartTub system. Vaughn, moreover, that gives access to special information of all vlasniks, allows you to remotely massage the Jacuzzi brand with hydromassage baths – adjust the temperature, change the filtration modes and the water level. Allowing access to these functions, you can download someone else’s device. In order to confirm his words, the “white” hacker hacked into the server part of all the fences and zmig cheruvati other people’s baths.

Tsikavo The successors knew the new spygun program, as a victorist for Kazakhstan

More details

  • Doslednik zmіg otrimati access to names, name and email address.
  • Zrobiv wine not for the sake of being naughty, but only for the sake of getting ahead of the retailer of software security about the found inconsistency.
  • First of all, I mentioned the problem with SmartTub, if I myself tried to get into the system like a koristuvach. Under the hour of zavantazhennya vіn for a minute, waking up on the screen of the administrator’s panel. Dali needed to “simply import the JS-file and change the sprat line”.
  • The last one also unlocked the SmartTub add-on for Android, showing the URL that gave access to the add-on admin panel, in the APK file.

How do you designate a programmer, repeatedly trying to get in touch with Jacuzzi, to tell you about intelligence, or else they asked for more money, otherwise they ignored it. Vtіm, for yogo warnings, quirks all the same stuck to the black of 2022 fate.

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  • Russian hackers terrorize Costa Rica: I want to vikupu that felled vladi. The order does not plan to take care of the great financial expenditures.
  • under attack so leaning It is one of the Mexican factories of Foxconn, which manufactures computers, RK-TVs, mobile devices, set-top boxes and other equipment.
  • And from a group from Pivnichnaya Korea, she created a virus, which terrifies the victims to engage in charity. We roselike vin pracyuє.

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