Veres intrigued by the Dynamo’s gravity to strengthen the warehouse

Shevchuk: Let’s do it, how can we get away

The sports director of the Rivne club V’yacheslav Shevchuk announced the possible activity of the club on the transfer market. Veres can rent decals from Dynamo.

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Order numbers will be correct for both sides. Veres to strengthen his team, and young players to take away playing practice in the Premier League.

Well, I work as a sports director for Veres. Possibly, we take a few of the Dynamo graves before our team on loan, to give the young lads the opportunity to progress in the Premier League. I Veres will be well. Let’s do it, how can we get away,
Shevchuk said.

Let’s guess that Shevchuk from January 2022 has turned to rock with the Rivne club. Veres finished the 2021/2022 season, a kind of pre-stroke finish, on the 9th place in the UPL tournament table. For 18 rounds of tours pіdopіchnі Yury Virta got 23 points.

On the 23rd of the worm, Veres spoke about the application of spivpratsy with five graves. Leave the team after the completion of contractsstreets Artem Kichak, Igor Soldat, Roman Goncharenko, Dmytro Makhnev and Mikita Polyulyakh. The club cheered on the football players for their work.

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