Venezuela warned about the consequences of NATO pressure on Russia

Pressure on Russia from NATO countries will provoke food and energy crises. Such a statement was made on June 23 by a Venezuelan MP Julio Chavez, member of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Chavez pointed out that the purpose of the agreements on food and energy issues signed by the leader of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro during his overseas tour of Africa and the Middle East, is to protect the country from a future crisis.

“The President anticipates future food and very acute, aggravated energy crises that arose as a result of NATO aggression and war against Russia on the territory of Ukraine,” Chavez explained.

As part of his foreign tour, Maduro visited Turkey, Algeria, Iran, Kuwait, Qatar and Azerbaijan. Agreements were signed aimed at developing cooperation with all these states in the field of…

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