Venediktova explained why you can’t speak against Putin, Mishustin and Lavrov

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Iryna Venediktova, said about it on the air of the joint movement, on Channel 24. Vaughn announced that the wars, politicians, propagandists of Russia, as if they were counted against Ukraine before the war, already took away suspicions. Ale є y tі, hto mayut іmunitet.

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Deyakі vysokoposadovtsi mayut іmunitet

We have є 623 suspected at the great right for malicious aggression against Ukraine. Obviously, the top supervka of Russia in the military sphere, political, propaganda. That’s all, the crime of Putin, Mishustin and Lavrov, to that stink may have functional immunity. All decisions in the status of suspicions with us,
explained the Attorney General.

Venediktova added that there are three main evils under the hour of war. Among them are war evils, genocide and evils of aggression.

“For the evils of aggression, we have about 20 references. As for the genocide, we have two suspicions that there are calls for genocide. For example, Gasparyan is the author of a book about the denazification of Ukraine. Part of the book was in Putin’s promo before him, like in Ukraine. I’m extremely wary, our bida, their skin day is 200-300 more, and there are already 18,871 by 23 blacks,” Irina Venediktova said.

What is functional immunity

Functional immunity or functional nedotorkanist – tse zahist vysokoposadovtsiv in criminal re-investigation, which is the norm of international law and national law.

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This is the practice of all civilized powers and the status of presidents, prime ministers and ministers of overseas rights. However, the functional immunity is less than the same, if a person embraces one of the most important settlements. Alec and individuals are not subject to functional immunity of the International Criminal Court.

To those marvel at the video about those who in the Kherson region do not smell the atrocities of the Russian occupiers:

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