Vіdmova vіd russian gas creates risks for the production of Volkswagen – 22 th 2022

Volkswagen to take risks for itself through insufficient supply of Russian gas.

The transfer of Germany from Russian energy resources to other countries is insufficiently fast, to secure the German automaker Volkswagen (VW) from an unsupplied natural gas supply, VW CEO Herbert Diess said.

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VW has saved the opportunity to win over natural gas at the electric substations of its main enterprise near Wolfsburg, saying Diss in an interview with Bloomberg at the hour of the Qatar Economic Forum.

Nіmechchina has already reached the level of progress in reducing the deposition in the import of Russian energy resources, for example, for the purchase of GPG from the United States and other countries, the creation of the necessary infrastructure for further changes will take an hour. “Maybe, it’s not enough fast enough to get up against the sharp decline in supply,” scoring Diss.

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