Under the hour of shelling of Mykolayev, the Russians burned at the brotherly grave of the soldiers of the Radian army

The novelty was announced by Oleksandr Senkevich, the mayor of Mykolayev. Vіn having respected that “they flew in like nashchadkіv”.

Respect In the Mykolaiv region, the occupiers are planning an assault on low forces to reach the Kherson region

Not long ago, during the hour of one of the shellings at the place of the Russians, the soldiers of the Radian army were killed at the brotherly grave, as if the hour of Mykolayev’s will was lost. If we win, everything will be fine there and we will put things in order. But otherwise – I think, comments are welcome,
– said Senkevich.

Remaining news about the shelling of Mykolayev

Russian occupants 23 worms in a kotre shelled Pivden. From the territory of Timchasovo occupied by the Kherson region, the guards hit Mykolaev. Russian rockets have taken the city’s social infrastructure to the fore. For the front tribute, having suffered one civilian.

Okrim that, to improve the day, the enemy fired 2 rockets at Odessa. However, fortunately, they were able to beat the PPO forces far away.

On the 22nd of the day, Russian guards fired a strike at Mykolaev with 7 ceramic missiles. Todi measures povіdomiv, scho missiles were sent to the territory of two enterprises. There they took fire-oil materials. At the scene of the incident, the fire went off.

They also said that with a rocket strike 5 bagatosurfaces were damaged. Besides, the school of the city suffered.

Occupant want to destroy the whole Donbas

President Volodymyr Zelensky at the evening anniversary of the 22nd cherny said that the meta of Russian occupiers is inevitable. Croc after crochet the enemy wants to destroy the entire Donbass.

“Why don’t we say it again and again at the early delivery of ammunition for Ukraine. Obviously, parity on the battlefield is needed to bolster the devil’s armada and shove it for the cordoni of Ukraine,” the president said.

ZSU once again hit on the island Zmіїniy: marvel at the video

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