UMMC updated production facilities | All news from Nizhny Tagil

The Sibkabel plant (part of the Cable Alliance Holding, a UMMC enterprise) has improved the operation of the continuous vulcanization line. To maintain a constant cable tension in the vulcanizing pipe, two traction devices have been replaced, which will improve the quality of the finished product.

Thanks to the use of modern giving and receiving traction, the equipment operates without stopping and maintains the set speed throughout the entire technological process. The operation of the devices ensures the correct application of the shell, eliminates equipment downtime and the appearance of defects.

“Modernization is one of the strategic directions for the development of the plant. An insulated core for a mine cable is produced on the vulcanization line. The annual volume reaches 1,000 km. To meet the increased requirements for reliability, safety, quality and design, the company is constantly improving technological processes on production lines,” said Alexei Zhuzhin, director of Sibkabel.

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